Veggie Saver is Tackling the Global Waste Crisis one Fridge at a Time

The founder of Veggie Saver and 2023 Visionary Awards winner for Food and Beverage, Peita Pini, talks about her lightbulb moment and the legacy she wants the brand the leave behind.

Article by T Australia

Peita Pini (1)2023 Visionary Awards winner Peita Pini of Veggie Saver.

Sydney’s Peita Pini first caught the nation’s attention in 2018, spruiking The Swag — her brand of patented reusable grocery and produce bags — on Network Ten’s “Shark Tank”. In the years that followed, she turned her gaze to the fridge.

“When I had children of my own, I was more conscious of the extent of fresh-food waste in my own home,” she says. “I started to notice condensation building up inside the plastic bag or container I was storing my veggies in.” Frustrated at watching her produce sweat and rot mere days after purchasing, Pini set out to develop a storage solution that would be reusable, machine-washable, compostable, non-toxic and scientifically proven to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for two weeks or more in the refrigerator’s crisper.

Launched in 2021, the Veggie Saver bag retails for about $25 and is handcrafted in India from layers of 100 per cent unbleached, unseeded cotton. T Australia’s digital content director and awards judge, Victoria Pearson, says: “This product feels so deceptively simple, I’m wondering why I don’t already have something like it — which makes it all the more appealing to me.”

The manufacturer is fair trade compliant and monitored by Sedex, a global body that tracks sustainable and ethical supply- chain practices, and reviews businesses with an annual factory audit. Since 2018, Veggie Saver’s parent company, Swag Australia, has donated a percentage of profits to Destiny Rescue, an organisation that rescues and rehabilitates children who have been victims of human trafficking. “Not only did I want this business to create a positive impact for the world by combating food waste and plastic pollution, but also to generate a revenue stream in order to rescue children trapped in slavery,” says Pini. “We truly care about the legacy we leave behind and believe in a better world where human trafficking no longer exists.”