The Dominant Beauty Trends of 2023? Flourishing, Joyscaping and Peer-Reviewing

In collaboration with SOON Future Studies, online beauty retailer Adore Beauty unveils its much-anticipated report, “The State of Beauty 2023”.

Article by T Australia

Adore Beauty state of beauty_1Photograph courtesy of Adore Beauty.

Adore Beauty is no stranger to crowdsourcing. The beauty and wellness e-tailer has long tapped into its devoted customer base for product reviews, can’t-finds and must-haves, harnessing the insights to help curate the brand’s online offering (and shape its community-driven private label, AB LAB).

Its new release celebrates the wants, needs and circumstances of the broader beauty community, but it’s not a product. Instead, Adore Beauty (in collaboration with SOON Future Studies) has released its “The State of Beauty 2023” report – a pioneering study that delves deep into the multifaceted world of beauty, mapping over 400 global cultural and social signals against data from 2,000 Australians to reveal the transformative trends that are shaping the industry in unprecedented ways.

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Photograph courtesy of Adore Beauty.

A Shift Toward Flourishing

One of the report’s most compelling revelations is the emergence of the “Flourishing” trend. In a world marked by uncertainty, beauty consumers are increasingly focused on holistic well-being, addressing not only physical appearance but also their mental and emotional health. The survey showed that 69 per cent of the Adore Beauty community has become more aware of their stress and anxiety levels in the past year, while over half now prioritise their health and wellness above all else. This trend signifies a shift towards reclaiming ownership of one’s mind and body, emphasising the importance of overall well-being in beauty.

Breaking Taboos and Celebrating Real Beauty

Another eye-opening insight from the report is the normalisation of conversations around previously taboo topics. The beauty industry is evolving to embrace realness and diversity, with older women being represented more in media and candid discussions around women’s health, sexuality, and pleasure becoming commonplace. Notably, 80 per cent of the Adore Beauty community considers sexual wellness an integral part of self-care. The report also reveals that menopause care, period care, and sexual wellness are areas where consumers are eager to see more attention in the coming years. This newfound openness reflects a societal shift toward embracing one’s true self.

Adore Beauty state of beauty_2
Photograph courtesy of Adore Beauty.

The Power of Peer-Reviewing

In an age of information overload, trust has become paramount. The report identifies “Peer-Reviewing” as a key trend, emphasising that consumers rely heavily on scientific credibility and product reviews. This shift has given rise to digital communities and influencers as trusted sources of beauty information. Authenticity, inclusivity, and empathy are now at the forefront of brand-consumer relationships. The report highlights that 76 per cent of Adore Beauty community members prioritise scientific credibility when trying new products, while 52 per cent turn to Instagram for the latest beauty trends.

Joyscaping: Pursuing Pleasure and Self-Expression

With the pursuit of pleasure becoming a beauty industry superpower, “Joyscaping” emerges as a dominant trend. This concept centers around self-expression and play, offering consumers mood-boosting products and experiences. As consumers seek joy and stress relief, color cosmetics, experiential products, and nostalgic packaging gain prominence. Shelfie-worthy products and pampering rituals are poised to capture the hearts of the next generation of beauty shoppers.

In a landscape where homogenous aesthetics have long prevailed, “The State of Beauty 2023” points optimistically to a future marked by diversity, authenticity, and self-expression.

Read “The State of Beauty” online here.