Celine, Unleashed: A Stylish Collection For Your Canine Companion

Hedi Slimane’s new collection of dog accessories for Celine launches with a campaign starring his own pooch, Elvis.

Article by T Australia

CELINE_DOG_WINTER_23_WEB_01Hedi Slimane's dog Elvis (pictured) stars in Celine's new dog accessories campaign. Photograph courtesy of Celine.

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted consumer behaviour in many ways since its wide-spread onset in 2020. Some changes were to be expected, such an increased adoption of AI and smart technologies in the retail sector. Others less so – the rapid growth of the pet accessories market, for example.

Once a niche amusement of the rich and famous, pet accessories now form a competitive retail category all their own. A recent study published by Business Research Insights projects the market to reach an estimated US $40,563 million by 2031, “pushed by an increase in the number of pet owners who are prepared to spend money on their animals’ comfort and welfare”.

Photograph courtesy of Celine.
Photograph courtesy of Celine.
Photograph courtesy of Celine.
Photograph courtesy of Celine.

Luxury fashion brands are not immune to the category’s economic potential. The most recent edition comes from the house of Celine, helmed by Hedi Slimane, which has unveiled a new range of canine couture that includes matching canvas, suede, or smooth calfskin leather collars and hand leashes in black or brown. Adorned with Triomphe-engraved pyramid studs, circular studs, metallic hooks, rings, and a Triomphe metallic medal, each piece reflects the meticulous craftsmanship the brand is synonymous with. The collection extends beyond wearable accessories to include four types of dog carriers, blending Triomphe motifs with canvas and calfskin, offering a fashionable travel solution for pets.

An array of home accessories, including single or double dog bowl holders in Nappa lambskin with Triomphe canvas or leopard finishes, and a wooden dog brush for grooming, accompanies a trio of Triomphe dog toys, catering to both playful and sophisticated pet preferences.

The collection campaign features a lineup of chic canine models, including Slimane’s dog Elvis  who is photographed inside a wicker doghouse.