Cressida Campbell Answers Our Rapid Fire Questions

T Australia put the painter Cressida Campbell on the spot with our rapid fire questions behind-the-scenes of our recent photoshoot.

Article by T Australia

Cressida CampbellThe artist Cressida Campbell, photographed at her Sydney home in July 2022. Photography by Nic Walker.

On the eve of a landmark Cressida Campbell retrospective at the National Gallery of Australia, the author Kathy Lette, a long-time friend of the painter, wrote a profile on a figure who contains multitudes:

Australia has many exotic creatures — the platypus, the echidna, the quokka — but to me, the most unique and fascinating by far is Cressida Campbell. Cressy is a rare breed indeed. Even David Attenborough would have trouble fathoming her many intriguing and charming conundrums. A brilliant, original and renowned artist yet totally humble and deliciously self-deprecating. An entertaining raconteur yet intensely shy and introverted. A generous, big-hearted hostess, loved by many, yet deeply private and reclusive. A creative luminary whose work shines brightly in the stellar realms of artistic celebrity yet totally earthy and gloriously grounded.

Behind-the-scenes of the photoshoot for Issue #8, Campbell answered T Australia’s famous rapid fire questionnaire. Read the profile on the artist here.

To read Lette’s profile on Cressida Campbell, click here.

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