In Mexico, a New Space for Hot Pink Wicker Lamps and Spiky Bowls

Shop a wild array of home goods in San Miguel de Allende.

Article by Rima Suqi

07-TMAG-HOT-PINK-LAMPS-2In a new space off an alleyway in San Miguel de Allende, the designer Daniel Valero showcases the pieces he makes in collaboration with Mexican artisans. Photograph Pepe Molina.

Last month, the architect and designer Daniel Valero opened a showroom off an alleyway in San Miguel de Allende’s Centro neighborhood, filling it with exuberant pieces inspired by Mexico’s artisans and natural surroundings. A red triangular table, set with spiky ceramic bowls, sits under a bendy fuchsia wicker lamp. Born in Saltillo, Mexico, Valero studied architecture at Tecnológico de Monterrey and earned a master’s degree in textile design from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris before founding his company, Mestiz, in 2015. When Valero collaborates with craftspeople, he adheres to their traditional techniques. “I try to use the same tools they have always used to create new things,” he says. Mestiz’s wooden pieces are made in San Miguel, while the ceramics are created in nearby Dolores and wool rugs are woven in his hometown. They are open editions, meaning he will make these pieces indefinitely, unlike his unique and closed-edition works sold through AGO Projects, a design gallery in Mexico City. The showroom is open by appointment, and lucky visitors might also get a glance at Valero’s equally colorful studio, located in the same alleyway. From $65 for a small ceramic bowl,