This Winter, a Whisky That Transports to the Heart of the Forest

Glenmorangie’s new limited-edition blend is a woodland botanical immersion of juniper berries, heather flowers and peat.

Article by T Australia

GLENMORANGIE-LIMITED EDITION-2022-A TALE OF THE FOREST-KV-1080x1080_high.width-1920x-propGlenmorangie's limited-edition whisky, A Tale of the Forest. Image courtesy of the brand.

The libations we mix in summer tend to lean fruity: drinks that conjure the tropics, beachside vacations, antidotes to the heat. In winter, we crave something a little different: liquors that feel warming, enhancing a feeling of cosiness (the Danish word “hygge” springs to mind).

The whisky masters at Glenmorangie know this well. It’s why, for their latest experimental single malt, A Tale of the Forest, they sought to bring the enchantment of the woods to life in a bottle. A limited-edition whisky, A Tale of the Forest is a celebration of nature, crafted from barley kilned with woodland botanicals, including juniper berries, birch bark, heather flowers, and a touch of peat. The result captures the essence of a forest stroll in liquid form.

The whisky’s flavours of pine, juniper, and woodsmoke inspired the Thai illustrator Pomme Chan to create a vibrant and fantastical forest artwork for the release’s packaging. Drawing from her own experiences in the forests of northern Thailand, and conversations with Dr. Bill, Glenmorangie’s director of Whisky Creation, about Scotland, Pomme’s technicolor illustration mirrors the whisky’s botanical essence, with blooming heather, fragrant juniper, and pine cones dancing on the breeze.

Dr. Bill’s curiosity and creativity led him to experiment with various botanicals, finally settling on the perfect combination to deliver the forest’s enchanting aromas and flavours. The result is a whisky that exudes a lush and leafy character, with hints of pine needles, woodland moss, juniper’s sharpness, and a medley of eucalyptus, mint, bitter orange, and distant smoke on the palate.

Available to purchase now, A Tale of the Forest promises an immersive journey into the heart of nature.