Hästens’ Swedish Craftsmanship Finds a Home in Australia

The bedmaker has chosen Melbourne’s Great Dane showroom for its inaugural venture into the Australian market.

Article by T Australia

Hastens Lifestyle Images9Photograph courtesy of of Hästens.

In a distinctive chapter in the Australian sleep landscape, Swedish sleep brand Hästens brings its legacy down under – setting up residence in Melbourne’s Great Dane showroom. For those eager to experience the nuances of Scandanavian sleep craftsmanship, Hästens’ store-in-store awaits at 175 Johnston Street, Fitzroy. Beyond the commercial, Hästens’ entry into Australia signifies a cultural exchange, inviting Australians to embrace a new era of sleep defined by Swedish sensibilities and a commitment to unparalleled comfort.

The craftsmanship evident in each Hästens bed is a product of a continuous evolution, incorporating the finest natural materials like wool, cotton, flax, Swedish pine, and horsehair. The result is a blend that offers a unique sense of weightlessness, support, and comfort. Beyond utility, Hästens beds are described as works of art, with selections such as the 2000T and the Grand Vividus now available for Australian customers.

The Grand Vividus, in particular, stands as a handmade masterpiece, a symbol of Hästens’ dedication to the art of sleep. Crafted by the brand’s most skilled artisans, this bed is not just a piece of furniture but a testament to the intersection of tradition and expertise.

Situated within the renowned Great Dane showroom, Hästens offers more than just a transactional experience. It invites customers to immerse themselves in the tangible quality, comfort, and attention to detail that have earned Hästens global recognition. Trained Hästens experts guide customers through a personalized bed test appointment, starting with their preferences and concluding with the promise of their ideal bed.

Photograph courtesy of of Hästens.