For Jacob & Co., a New Era of Luxury Timepieces in Australia

Hardy Brothers has been appointed as the exclusive stockist of Jacob & Co.

Article by T Australia

Jacob & co_1Photograph courtesy of Jacob & Co.

Seeking to redefine the Australian luxury watch industry, Hardy Brothers has officially become the exclusive stockist for Jacob & Co., the iconic watch brand favoured by international celebrities such as Rihanna, Cristiano Ronaldo, Drake, Bella Hadid, and Jay Z.

Founded by Jacob Arabo, Jacob & Co. seeks to push the boundaries of conventional horology, offering a collection of unique timepieces that bridge the gap between watchmaking and artistry.

Jacob & co_2
Photograph courtesy of Jacob & Co.
Photograph courtesy of Jacob & Co.

Hardy Brothers, the renowned Australian luxury retailer, will now offer a carefully curated selection of Jacob & Co. designs, including some of the most celebrated pieces:

The Casino Series: A timepiece that features a fully functional casino game, and intricately designed roulette wheel on the watch’s transparent back.

Astronomia Collection: Beyond conventional timekeeping, the Astronomia range transcends the boundaries between the celestial and the corporeal. A veritable universe on your wrist, the Astronomia’s unprecedented four-arm movement, featuring patented complications and exquisite craftsmanship, creates a spectacle of rotating and floating objects within a sapphire crystal case.

Epic X Series: The Epic X series’ skeletal architecture captivates the eye, with translucent casing revealing intricate mechanics beneath (crafted from titanium or encased in rose gold).

“As a brand with a 170-year legacy of craftsmanship, we continually strive to bring world-class luxury to Australia,” says Alexander Bishop, Operations Manager at Hardy Brothers, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, The addition of Jacob & Co. Watches to our curated selection represents our passion and our continued ambition of excellence in the Australian luxury retail landscape.”

Hardy Brothers’ partnership with Jacob & Co. is set to offer watch enthusiasts and collectors access to timepieces that effortlessly combine innovation, design, and craftsmanship in one exceptional package.