Jessica Sepel Shares Her Guide to Holiday Wellness

“We sometimes feel pressure to fill our days off with so many activities we forget to take some time for ourselves.”

Article by T Australia

JESSICA SEPELThe founder of JSHealth Vitamins Jessica Sepel. Photographs courtesy of JSHealth Vitamins.

For many, the summer holidays herald a period of beach visits, barbecues and layers of powerfully scented insect repellent. They also go hand-in-hand with Christmas parties, New Years Eve extravaganzas and a general disregard for any semblance of balance we’ve spent the past year painstakingly cultivating. Enter: Jessica Sepel.

The founder of JSHealth Vitamins, Sepel spends her days immersed in the world of health-driven supplements, mindful eating recipes and writing (she is the three-time best-selling health author of “The Healthy Life”, “Living the Healthy Life” and “The 12 Step Mind Body Food Reset”). As we countdown to Christmas, T Australia sat down with Sepel to talk about her personal journey to JSHealth Vitamins, the challenges the industry faces, the three supplements everyone should be taking and her top tips for looking after ourselves during the silly season.

Tell us about your journey to the wellness space and launching JSHealth.

I have always had a passion for vitamins and supplements and nutrition in general, so in some respects I guess the eventual launch of JSHealth Vitamins was somewhat written into my future before I realised. JSHealth launched as a private blog, part of my personal journey to finding a healthier relationship to food and wellness in general. What grew from there was the most incredible community, which remains the heart and soul of everything I do.

What is the founding philosophy behind JSHealth?

It’s a wellness movement so sustainable, enjoyable, accessible, personalised and results-driven that it will last a lifetime. No fad diets, no restriction! We hero body love, kindness, balance and flexibility. I’m also passionate about showing people that living The Healthy Life doesn’t need to be complicated – you can make simple, easy and delicious meals, and it’s the  small, consistent habits that are key.

Can you tell us about your own supplement regimen – what’s currently on your personal rotation?

Recognising and respecting your unique health needs and wellness goals is the cornerstone of creating a routine that works best for you – it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. However, there are three supplements that I recommend most people invest in as they simply feel better when ingesting them. These are a quality probiotic, magnesium and fish oil. Everyone seems to feel better when taking those three.

I also love recommending an inner beauty and vitality powder that contains ingredients such as marine collagen combined with potent antioxidants, nutrients and minerals to help you to feel amazing from the inside out. Our skin health, hair health and energy really does start from within.

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Photograph courtesy of JSHealth Vitamins.

Australians are heading into the festive season – a period of time that also collides with the start of summer. What are some ways we can look after ourselves better during the holiday period?

I recommend the following to help balance this very busy time of year:

No Guilt: Our philosophy is all about balance. It is so important to remove any restriction or deprivation, and allow yourself to enjoy all foods in moderation. Letting go of the guilt is a very important part of The Healthy Life. Be kind to yourself.

Greens Formula: A daily quality greens powder is a great “insurance policy” for your veggie intake! Our Greens + Collagen powder is a delicious blend of green superfoods plus hydrolysed marine collagen – simply combine with water or put it into your favourite smoothie.

Slow mornings: Allow yourself the luxury of slow, grounding mornings. Savour the taste of your coffee, meditate, journal or simply sit in silence. These quiet moments can set the tone for the rest of your day.

Saying no to plans: Remember, it’s okay to prioritise your needs. If you need rest, it’s perfectly fine to decline invitations. Your wellbeing always comes first.

Nature walks: There’s nothing quite like the healing power of nature. A gentle walk outside can do wonders for your mental and emotional health.

Liver love: After indulging in the season’s delights, our bodies may appreciate getting back into our usual routines. Embrace a gentle post-celebration reset with a detox and bloat support formula containing ingredients like fennel seed (to relieve abdominal bloating), plus milk thistle and turmeric (for liver support).

Savour the season: Enjoy your favourite indulgences, while continuing to make healthy choices. Make an effort to eat nutritious food, but also make an effort to indulge and enjoy – this is so important to strengthen your relationship with food and your body.

You’re a three-time best-selling author – what does the writing and publishing experience offer you in addition to your business and brand work?

My book deals truly gave me the belief in myself to keep going and the opportunity to put my writing and advice into “bricks and mortar”. There’s something so special about holding and reading a physical book. It also has been a powerful vessel for me to share my story. It really did elevate the JSHealth philosophy to reach a mass audience on a global scale.

Mindful eating is a core tenet of your approach – what food do you gravitate towards during the summer months?

Summer is such a wonderful time for delicious, balanced eating. So many of the fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season in the warmer months are bursting with nutrients, making it easier than ever to fill your diet with key vitamins and minerals. Australian summers with fresh produce and seafood, along with some enjoying of hot weather delights, like ice creams and glasses of cold rosé… my favourite.