Letter From the Editor, Issue 16

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Katarina Kroslakova discusses how the theme of “The Greats” is reflected in the pages of our new issue.

Article by Katarina Kroslakova

Katarina KroslakovaKatarina Kroslakova. Photography by Pierre Toussaint.

We’re finishing the year with a bang with our second annual The Greats issue, featuring the best and brightest minds in fields as diverse as fashion, music, acting and directing. It’s always one of my favourite issues to work on, as we nut out as a team what sets someone apart as truly great. Is it raw talent, accolades or longevity? I believe it’s all those things, but it also goes deeper than that: to be considered one of the Greats, a person must have inspired us to think, see and feel differently. In these pages, you’ll meet the individuals who have touched our souls and fomented change through their persistence and willingness to push the envelope. 

Leading the way is our cover star, Queen Latifah (page 64), whose three-decade-long career spanning rap, jazz, acting and directing has not only brought endless joy to viewers and listeners around the world, but also created space for women in creative fields and brought them mainstream recognition.

queen latifah_2
Multi-talented and unafraid to break down barriers, Queen Latifah crowns our list of Greats. Photograph by Rahim Fortune.

There’s also Miuccia Prada (page 70), who transformed her family’s leather goods business into an empire that has changed the way we dress and think about clothing. “It’s about living different parts of your personality,” she says.

Meanwhile, our columnist, Lance Richardson (page 30), identifies a set of metrics to measure greatness, and names Kylie Minogue and Taylor Swift as two worthy additions to the list. Ligaya Mishan interviews Annette Bening (page 80), finding brilliance in the actress’ laughter and her “ability to tap into ever-shifting microclimates of mood”.

Elsewhere, Anthony Ham faces off with lions in the Serengeti (page 94). Victoria Pearson uncovers the perfume brand Santa Maria Novella’s 800-year history (page 28). Julianne Moore (page 106) shares the design ethos behind her Montauk hideaway. And our Christmas gift guide (page 54) showcases the finest jewellery, accessories, beauty products, gadgets and liquor on the market.

This is the last issue for 2023. What a year it has been, marked by both triumphs and tragedies around the globe. I am very grateful for T Australia’s engaged readers; our partners and brands who believe in our vision; the flagship team at The New York Times; our retailers, distributors and the PR community; and the staff, photographers, writers, stylists, agents, creatives and digital teams who pour their passion into every issue. Without this community, T Australia wouldn’t be what it is today (and it surely would be a lot less fun).

The year ahead brings a suite of exciting offerings, including 10 print issues starting in February 2024 — up from six this year. Keep an eye out for events, awards, perks for VIP subscribers and, most importantly, tons of great stories for your reading pleasure.

Katarina Kroslakova — Publisher, Editor-in-Chief

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