Loro Piana Launches a Recycled Cashmere Capsule Collection

Shop Loro Piana’s new gender inclusive collection of cashmere turtlenecks, v-necks sweaters and hats.

Article by Jameson Montgomery

31-TMAG-DETROIT-BRASSERIE-3The Loro capsule collection from Loro Piana features cashmere polo sweaters, turtlenecks and caps made from the house’s surplus cashmere knitwear. Photograph by Courtesy of Loro Piana.

Loro Piana, the Italian tailor and textile producer, is known as one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of cashmere wool. Every year, the company harvests it from the longhaired goats that reside in Central Asia, usually in early spring when the animals naturally shed their fur. Almost a century after its founding in 1924 in the Piedmontese village of Quarano, Loro Piana is introducing Loro, a seven-piece capsule collection of clothing and accessories made from recycled cashmere fibres extracted from the house’s knitwear production surplus, a fabric that the brand refers to as re-cashmere. The process, conceived to reduce waste and salvage material, begins with the manual removal of zippers, closures and stitching on leftover garments and accessories like sweaters, gloves and scarves. The fabric and knitwear scraps are sorted by colour, washed, unraveled, then blended with undyed cashmere, resulting in a quality indistinguishable from that of an all-new knit. The yarns are not overdyed (a common technique to achieve bright colour), resulting in an earthy palette that includes shades of oatmeal, rust and a smoky grey. Pieces include turtlenecks, V-neck sweaters, scarves and hats in an expansive size range running from a child’s M to 4XL. The whole collection is gender-inclusive; after all, loro translates from Italian to the neutral “they.” From approximately $700,loropiana.com.