Be The First to View The Louis Vuitton GO-14: a Fusion of History and Modernity

The brand’s latest launch, the GO-14 bag, represents a fusion of design inspiration, time-honoured trunk-making techniques, and artisan craftsmanship.

Article by T Australia

LOUIS_VUITTON_GO-14The new GO-14 bag from Louis Vuitton. Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

Rooted in Nicolas Ghesquière’s singular creative vision, Louis Vuitton’s new GO-14 bag – named after his debut in October 2014 as the brand’s Women’s Artistic Director – makes a return in 2023, infused with new life.

Central to the GO-14’s appeal is its transformative malletage design, a nod to the historical trunk-making craft. This distinctive crisscross pattern, traditionally used inside trunks, is now a prominent feature on the bag’s exterior, uniting past innovation with contemporary style.

Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton.
Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

Ghesquière’s masterful integration of this pattern as a signature extends from clothing to accessories. The revived GO-14 is presented as a luxurious, padded lambskin bag, enveloped in the plush malletage texture. With enhanced curves highlighted by overstitching, it comes in an array of shades that unveil its refined texture.

Versatility is a defining trait of the GO-14 – a bag tailored to suit diverse styles and moods. Whether worn over the shoulder with its jewel-like chain, held by hand, or draped with its innovative chain-doubling groove system, it caters to the dynamic modern wearer.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the GO-14 is a testament to craftsmanship and heritage. The intricate process of malletage padding, spanning over 20 meticulous steps, attests to Louis Vuitton’s expertise. The result is a bag that resonates with the brand’s commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and enduring luxury.

In the GO-14, tradition and modernity intertwine, reflecting a legacy of innovation, timeless elegance, and expert skill. This bag transcends its material form, symbolising Louis Vuitton’s dedication to both the evolution of craft and the transformative power of luxury.