Love Song Dedications From T Australia Editors

In the lead up to Saint Valentine’s Day, team T Australia offer up their favourite romantic tracks.

Article by T Australia

Rhye_Song For YouA frame from Rhye's "Song For You" film clip, directed by Michael Milosh and Geneviève Medow Jenkins.

Anna McGeoch, marketing manager:

“Mine today would have to be “Strange Currencies” by REM. The finale of “The Bear” season two finishes with this track and it’s just so powerful and unforgettable, and takes you back to so many memories…”

Lance Richardson, columnist:

“I’m far too cynical for romantic songs! The closest I’d have is “Dancing on my Own,” by Robyn. Which is kind of an anti-romance song — Robyn doesn’t need anybody else! — but it’s also full of longing and resilience. Plus, it’s fun to dance to.”

Michael Grenenger, associate publisher:

“Sadly, mine is “She” – the Elvis Costello version, not Charles Aznavour. It sums up my wife to a T.”

Melanie Milne-Davies, creative director and baker:

“This is truly showing my age and my daggy taste in music, but there you go: “More Than Words” by Extreme, “Eternal Flame” by the Bangles and “This Old Love” by Lior.”

Luke Benedictus, features writer and watches editor:

“’This Must Be The Place’ by Talking Heads isn’t a head-over-heels kind of love song. Older and wiser, it’s a song written in praise of domesticity and the idea that home is where the heart is, next to your sweet baboo.”

Tom Lazarus, chief sub-editor:

“A colleague put me onto Rhye’s “Song For You” years ago. The lyrics are sung so gently — almost under the breath — just this sweet, raw expression of love. The arrangement reminds me of looking over the ocean on an overcast day, the horn and strings swelling and receding like distant rainclouds. Tender and unhurried and perfect.”

Hollie Wornes, social media & digital manager:

“My mind first went to a number of songs that remind me of my man. But it was only right that I chose “Magnolia” by Gang of Youths (I do have it permanently inked on my skin, after all). A love letter to life itself!”

Victoria Pearson, digital content director:

“I first heard Majical Cloudz’s “Downtown” around the time I met my now-husband. It quickly become “our song” and was the track I ended up walking down the aisle to. It starts really lo-fi then builds to this great crescendo – perfect for a wedding (which, at its heart, is theatre).”

Tim Fernandes, sales & business development director:

“Whether we’re heading north to Brunswick Heads or south to Mollymook, my wife and I play Road Trippin’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers at the start of every road trip. Marley our kelpie is always with us, keen for the adventure. ‘Road Trippin’ with my two favourite allies, fully loaded we’ve got snacks and supplies.’ Sums up the starts of our trips perfectly!”

Katarina Kroslakova, editor-in-chief:

“I would say mine is “Unstoppable” by Sia – simply because it’s the only song my two boys and I can currently agree on. I adore Sia and apparently this song was in the “Sonic” movie, so it’s our worlds happily colliding. My eldest (7yo) runs around practicing his soccer moves, my youngest (6yo) pretends he’s Sonic himself, while I try to unstoppably manage my inbox.”