Luxury Meets Discovery: Silversea Unveils Its 2025 Voyage Collection

The itinerary includes 409 destinations worldwide.

Article by T Australia

Silversea 2025_1Photograph courtesy of Silversea.

In an era where travel choices are as abundant as the destinations themselves, the allure of cruising as the ultimate holiday experience continues to thrive. The promise of unparalleled luxury, boundless exploration, and the freedom to uncover the world’s hidden gems has captured the hearts of discerning travellers around the globe.

Today, Silversea has unveiled its Summer 2025 Voyage Collection, now open for sale to the discerning traveler. Featuring 206 new voyages across 409 destinations in 60 countries, including 24 maiden calls, this season is curated for travellers seeking the pinnacle of luxury travel.

Grand Voyages and Uncharted Destinations

The collection showcases two exquisite Grand Voyages. The Silver Spirit embarks on a 54-day odyssey through the Grand Mediterranean, while the Silver Shadow presents an epic 83-day Grand North Atlantic and Northern Europe expedition. These journeys promise to be the epitome of lavish exploration.

Mediterranean Magic and Culinary Delights

With 84 voyages aboard six ships, including the newest addition, Silver Ray, Silversea amplifies its presence in the Mediterranean. Guests can look forward to immersive S.A.L.T. culinary experiences, elevating the Mediterranean voyage to new heights.

Galápagos Evolution

Silversea’s Silver Origin will offer 26 captivating voyages in the Galápagos, including stops at new destinations like Bahia Bowditch and Isla Lobos, ensuring an enriching and unforgettable experience.

Arctic Adventures and Beyond

The Summer 2025 Collection boasts 14 voyages to the Arctic and Greenland, including Silver Endeavour’s maiden Northwest Passage crossing – a 23-day expedition that departs on August 24, 2025, promising a journey of unparalleled discovery.

Global Exploration

From the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska to the enchanting allure of Northern Europe, Silversea offers a diverse range of voyages, including six journeys to Australia’s remote Kimberley region, featuring two brand-new itineraries that promise to be extraordinary.

A Highlighted Gem: Darwin to Benoa, Bali

One standout voyage is the 16-day adventure from Darwin to Benoa, Bali, aboard the Silver Cloud. Travellers will witness the rugged beauty of Kimberley’s coast before immersing themselves in Indonesia’s captivating archipelago. From crocodiles in Darwin to Komodo dragons and Bali’s mesmerising rice paddies, this voyage promises awe and wonder at every turn.

Prices start from AUD$23,900 per guest (valid until November 30, 2023, subject to availability). Explore the full range of itineraries and watch a related video here.