A Print Revival of Artistic Dialogue and Creative Intimacy

Plus: Music architected to elicit “frisson” and a crab and Champagne program at Sydney’s Shell House.

Article by T Australia

The T Australia List_MagmaThe forthcoming "Magma" publication, supported by Bottega Veneta. Image courtesy of Bottega Veneta.

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The T Australia List_Venustus_2
The interior of Venustus' new Paddington address. Photograph by Milly Mead, courtesy of Venustus.
The T Australia List_Venustus
Photograph by Milly Mead, courtesy of Venustus.
The T Australia List_Venustus_3
Photograph by Milly Mead, courtesy of Venustus.

Book This: A Reimagined Wellness Sanctuary Where Healing Begins at the Front Door

Renowned beauty and body lab Venustus has unveiled its new industrial-leaning healing space in Sydney’s Paddington neighbourhood. Relocating from its former home next door, the transformation is rooted in decades of decades of expertise in beauty therapies, massage techniques, and healing practices. Founder Jeannie Bourke crafted Venustus’ aesthetic to be distinct from other beauty and body spaces – there is no sign-in area, and it’s this minimalist approach that sets it apart. During the construction of the space, Bourke, an experienced crystal practitioner of over 40 years, created an architectural crystal grid beneath the building, infusing the environment with healing energy from the moment you step inside. The intentional minimalism extends to the absence of floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with beauty products for sale – here, negative space and privacy are central design elements. Treatments take place in egg-shaped metal pods, adorned with cosy beds; an environment that immediately induces relaxation. Switching off here is effortless. Treatments start from $266, available to book at venustus.com.au

The T Australia List_Magma_2
The forthcoming "Magma" publication, supported by Bottega Veneta. Image courtesy of Bottega Veneta.

Read This: A Print Publication Supported by Bottega Veneta

“Magma”, a new annual print journal launched with the support of Bottega Veneta, pays homage to the trailblazing revues d’art of the 20th-century, such as Georges Bataille’s “Documents”, the surrealist Minotaure, and Andy Warhol’s “Interview”. Featuring a collection of unpublished and exclusive pieces, “Magma” intends to eschew disciplinary boundaries – here, architects, writers, photographers, sculptors, and filmmakers converge within its large-format pages, transcending borders of generation, geography, and mortality. “Magma’s” founder and editor-in-chief, Paul Olivennes, shares his vision: to reignite the format that once offered direct access to artistic creation. Artists and writers take centre stage, fostering a vibrant dialogue and weaving connections between their works. “I imagine it as a dive into the intimacy, the creative magma, of the art,” says Olivennes. The inaugural edition features contributions from 18 artists, and over 80 previously unseen artworks and literary texts. Dive into Agnès Varda’s musings on Claude Nori’s enigmatic spectacles, Erri de Luca’s contemplation of Luigi Ghirri’s Parisian sojourn, and Lucas Arruda’s poetic exchange with Edouard Glissant. India Mahdavi and Alaa Al Aswany illuminate the essence of Cairo, while François Halard’s photographs of Villa Palagonia converse with Goethe’s historic words. The publication is available for pre-order at www.kdpresse.com

T Australia List_Perrier Jouet
Photograph courtesy of Perrier-Jouët.

Taste This: Perrier-Jouët’s Winter Residency at Shell House

Iconic Champagne maison, Perrier-Jouët, extends an invitation to Sydneysiders this winter for its residency at Shell House, in the city’s CBD. Perched high above the bustling streets of Sydney, the Perrier-Jouët winter program, Champagne Moments, is a delicious alchemy of gastronomy, bubbly, and cultural indulgence. Throughout the winter season, Shell House’s guests can partake in the exclusive Perrier-Jouët Crab + Caviar experience, a limited-time offering that features the venue’s signature crab and caviar, served alongside a pre-ordered bottle of Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut, and enjoyed across multiple levels of Shell House (including the Menzies Bar, dining room and terrace, the Clocktower Bar on level nine, and the Sky Bar on level 10). Champagne Moments is available from $150 per person. Book through shellhouse.com.au

The T Australia List_Sonos
The award-winning engineer, producer, and songwriter Eric J Dubowsky. Photography courtesy of Sonos.

Listen To This: Music Architected to Incite Frisson

The Grammy, Emmy, and ARIA award-winning engineer, producer, and songwriter Eric J Dubowsky has collaborated with Sonos on a unique music track, meticulously engineered to ignite frisson. Colloquially known as “the chills,” frisson is a psychophysiological response that elicits a sensation characterised by tingling skin, goosebumps, and pupil dilation. Inspired by scholarly research, the aptly titled track “Frisson Trigger” takes listeners on an emotional odyssey that showcases the potential of spatial audio innovation. “My life’s work is to emotionally connect people with music, so I delved deep into research to explore how I could tap into the extraordinary science behind frisson,” says Dubowsky. “The song is infused with as many universal frisson triggers as possible, but what we’ve discovered is that listeners’ frisson reactions peak at different points, making it a completely personal experience.” . Harnessing the full power of Dolby Atmos and Sonos’ spatial audio speaker, the Sonos Era 300, “Frisson Trigger” weaves a sonic tapestry that cocoons the listener in the track’s soundscape. “Frisson Trigger” is out now on Apple Music.

The T Australia List_One Circular Quay
Image courtesy of One Circular Quay.

Explore This: Artfully Designed Interiors by the Water’s Edge

Sydney’s Alfred Street in Circular Quay is getting the Daniel Goldberg interior design treatment courtesy of Lendlease’s new One Circular Quay development. The news arrives in tandem with One Circular Quay’s remarkable milestone, surpassing $1 billion in sales since its off-market launch in late 2022, with over 50 per cent of residences already pre-sold. Offering unparalleled front-row views of Sydney’s iconic harbour, the building was conceived to set a new standard for luxury residential living, seamlessly blending with the surrounding natural landscape. Featuring 158 apartments split across 58 levels, the development affords privacy and exclusivity with a dual-core design, ensuring that each apartment shares a lift lobby with only one other residence. Residents will have access to premium amenities, including a private indoor pool, gym, steam room, and dedicated concierge services. The upper levels will house sub-penthouses and a magnificent three-level penthouse, boasting floor-to-ceiling windows, a north-facing swimming pool, and panoramic views of Sydney’s iconic harbor. The One Circular Quay is slated for completion in late 2026.