T Recommends: Five Photographers to Cure Your Wanderlust

From the virtues of vanlife to the quiet of their every day, these photographers will feed your travel fires as the pandemic curbs our lives.

Article by Shaney Hudson

Egg Yolk Jellyfish in British Colombia. Photography by Cristina Mittermeier.

The art of transit is big business for Australians; before borders shut last March, Australians spent around $65 billion on overseas travel. Being an island nation (especially one where the majority of the inhabitants are an introduced species), travel is an ingrained characteristic in our collective psyche. Whether it’s a weekend road trip, a spectacular rocky crag hike or a 12-hour trip to a distance country, having the freedom to travel is, for most Australians, considered a basic right.

As it is now, 18 months into a pandemic few anticipated, the thought of travel brings nostalgia for trips past and sadness for holidays yet unrealised. The safest option left, it seems, is to travel through our newsfeeds until borders open once more. These five photographers from Australia and around the world will help bring that sense of adventure to your life right now.

Lord Howe Island. Photography by James Vodicka.
Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island. Photography by James Vodicka.

 James Vodicka

With the cold firmly set in, warm your keyboard with viridescent images of the Whitsundays and Lord Howe Island. Australian photographer James Vodicka, who previously ran the social media for GoPro in Australia and New Zealand, will take you underwater, in the air and up close with denture-white beaches and aqua-filled shores. @jamesvodicka

Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park. Photography by Camilla Rutherford.

Camilla Rutherford

Professional photographer Camilla Rutherford’s Instagram account mixes images of her everyday life on a rural sheep farm, with commercially commissioned adventure photography in the wilds of New Zealand. It’s an intricate weave of domesticity and stark natural beauty. @CamillaRutherford_photography  

Yosemite National Park, California. Photography by Jess Bonde.
Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. Photography by Jess Bonde.

Jess Bonde

Based in Tasmania, photographer Jess Bonde built a following through documenting his “vanlife” to roughly 160k followers. In 2021, his plans have been to drive from Tasmania up through to Iceland, an ambitious roadtrip worth following to see how far covid, border closures and fate will let him go. @Wildbonde

"It takes patience and a little bit of luck to create split images like this," says Cristina Mittermeier. Photography by Cristina Mittermeier.

Cristina Mittermeier

Mexican-born Cristina Mittiermier is not only a marine biologist and photographer for National Geographic, she’s also a co-founder of both the International League of Conservation Photographers and Sea Legacy. Her transportive work depicts the pristine marine world with accompanying messages on why it’s worth protecting, all from the deck of her expedition ship. @Mitty

El Nido, Philippines. Photography by Merr Watson.
Nusa Penida, Indonesia. Photography by Merr Watson.

Merr Watson

Phillipino-born Merr Watson is an aerial photographer and visual artist whose images are almost too postcard-perfect. Specialising in drone photography and film,   she captures beaches from Far North Queensland, the Seychelles and Western Australia. @MerrWatson