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Issue 17 – February 2024

T Australia’s Journeys Issue, covered by award-winning Australian film, television and theatre actress Sarah Snook, is fuelled by expeditions — from the sensory to the political to the more typical globetrotting variety.


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Issue 16 – December 2023

T Australia’s The Greats Issue, covered by the hip-hop star, an actress and producer Queen Latifah, celebrates talents across music, film, art and fashion whose careers are a master class in curiosity, composure and defiance.


Issue 15 – October 2023

T Australia’s The Yes Issue, covered by the model Ajak Deng, is dedicated to the mavericks, disruptors and rebels who dare to ask the difficult questions and spark change.

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Issue 14 – August 2023

T Australia’s Renewal issue, covered by the model Mali Koopman, is dedicated to the spaces where artists, writers and other creatives find respite.

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Issue 13 – June 2023

T Australia’s “Structure” issue, covered by the actresses Miranda Otto and Teresa Palmer, pays tribute to the many amazing women around the world and their special bonds.

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Issue 12 – May 2023

T Australia’s “Artistry” issue, covered by the actor Jacob Elordi, is a celebration of those at the vanguard of creative industries.

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Issue 11 – February 2023

T Australia’s “Journeys” issue, covered by the golden girl of tennis Ajla Tomljanović, is an ode to travel, escape and inspiration in all its forms.

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Issue 10 – December 2022

In T Australia’s inaugural “The Greats” issue, covered by sporting legend Lance “Buddy” Franklin, we celebrate the creatives, artists and game changers shaping our culture with ethics, legacy, and purpose


Issue 9 – October 2022

Featuring an extraordinary cover by the painter Vincent Fantauzzo, T Australia’s Yes issue is dedicated to artists and entrepreneurs who do things differently.

T Australia Issue 8 Cover

Issue 8 – August 2022

In this issue, T Australia’s inaugural Culture issue, we look at the regeneration of art in Australia and beyond, as seen through the eyes of early career artists as well as established arts identities.

Issue 7 T Australia

Issue 7 – June 2022

In this edition of T Australia — our Structure issue — we set out to dismantle our subjects in order to study the sum of their parts.

T Australia Issue 6

Issue 6 – May 2022

Featuring a fashion story with Emma Balfour, our cover star, T Australia’s second issue of the year is an international exploration of arts and culture.


Issue 5 – February 2022

The award-winning British actor, musician and producer Idris Elba opens a series of stories spotlighting “Modern Poets” exploring new creative horizons.


Issue 4 – November 2021

With an exclusive T Australia photoshoot 12 months in the making, Issue 4 features Formula One McLaren racing driver Daniel Ricciardo on our cover.


Issue 3 – August 2021

In this issue, dedicated to dreamers and doers,  “The Suicide Squad” star Margot Robbie tells T Australia about her Hollywood side hustle and her next big project.

Issue 2 – June 2021

As Australia capitalises on Hollywood’s post-pandemic filmmaking frenzy, “The Mentalist” actor and director Simon Baker has his sights set on the home front.

Issue 1 – March 2021

Emma Watkins, aka the first female Wiggle, is one of Australia’s most successful cultural exports, therefore she’s the perfect person to front up our first issue.

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