Skincare That Works While You Dream

Need more reasons to catch those Zs? Shop our roundup of serums, masks and exfoliants that get to work when the sun goes down.

Article by Victoria Pearson

NIGHT BEAUTY_1From left: Chanel Hydra Beauty Masque de Nuit au Camélia, $115,; Sisley Supremÿas At Night The Supreme Anti-Aging Skin Care, $1025,; Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, $144,; Emma Lewisham Supernatural Sleeping Mask, $120,; Ultracueticals Ultra DNA³ Complex Recovery Night Cream, $150,

Like any longterm regimen or health commitment, the results of a new skincare product can take some time to reveal themselves. What’s even better than a formula that delivers on its promises is one that does so without requiring any heavy lifting on your part. Here, a selection of serums, masks and exfoliants that work best while you’re sleeping – blended for nocturnal efficacy and sweet dreams.

Ultraceuticals’ DNA³ Complex Recovery Night Cream contains Dynamic Night Activator 3 Complex, a triple-enzyme complex that works with the skin’s natural night-time renewal cycle to deeply rejuvenate the appearance of the skin, as well as nourish, hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For the higher top shelf in your bathroom cabinet, Sisley’s Supremÿas At Night The Supreme Anti-Aging Skin Care is 13 years in the making (and retails for a cool $1025), tested to spark the skin’s natural rejuvenation process, create a supportive environment for restoration and rejuvenation and stimulate the elimination of waste for a cleaner and smoother cycle. From Emma Lewisham, the Sleeping Mask is a highly concentrated at-home skin treatment that harnesses 22 high-performing actives to powerfully rejuvenate the skin for visibly brighter, plumper, firmer and deeply nourished skin by morning. Formulated with gardenia jasminoides extract, ribose, liposomal CoQ10, and phytonutrients, this nighttime mask helps to maintain the skin’s structure, suppleness, and firmness while you snooze. For its own take, Chanel channels the benefits of the camelia flower for the Hydra Beauty Masque de Nuit au Camélia. A creamy overnight mask, the formula mimics the dew-like droplets that settle on the camelia of the evening to help your skin oxygenate during the night and glow radiantly upon waking. And from Drunk Elephant, an exfoliating night serum that refines and resurfaces the skin as you dream. Featuring a pH of 3.5, this AHA and BHA blend gently lifts away dead skin cells, unclogs pores, fades pigmentation and smooths lines and wrinkles.