See Inside Song For The Mute’s Spectacular Sydney Flagship

The Australian unisex label Song For The Mute unveils its new immersive Sydney flagship store, fusing old world opulence with contemporary minimalism.

Article by Victoria Pearson

song for the mute flagship_1Inside Song for the Mute's Sydney Flagship. Photograph by Darren Luk.

Australian fashion label Song for the Mute has always done things at its own pace. Founded in 2010 by lifelong friends Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty, the brand has historically approached seasons as “evocative chapters”, each distinct from the last but aligned as a cohesive narrative.

In a new chapter for the 13-year-old brand, Song For The Mute has officially opened the doors to its inaugural flagship store on Sydney’s George Street. Conceived to be an immersive retail experience, the store’s unveiling coincides with the launch of the brand’s latest collection, 2000.

song for the mute flagship_2
Photograph by Darren Luk.
song for the mute flagship_3
Photograph by Darren Luk.

Visitors can expect a curated selection of pieces from the new collection, thoughtfully displayed alongside exclusive in-store items crafted to commemorate this remarkable milestone. The store’s ambiance harmoniously echoes Song for the Mute’s core design philosophy, where “accordance through contrast” takes centre stage.

Renowned for their ability to fuse disparate elements into stunning cohesion, Pattern Studio spearheaded the store’s design. The interior, reminiscent of modernist assemblage art, challenges convention with its juxtaposition of materials. Think a convergence of hot-rolled steel, riveted enamel, mirror, cement, faceted timber, and stone.

song for the mute flagship_4
Photograph by Darren Luk.

The design’s masterpiece lies in its fusion of old-world opulence and contemporary minimalism. Heritage architectural elements, including grand ceilings, imposing columns, and deep crimson marble panels, seamlessly coexist with custom-manufactured modular steel-clad ‘pods.’ These pods discreetly house changing rooms, elevating the shopping experience to a new zenith of sophistication.

“The new space offers the opportunity for a fit-out that reflects Song for the Mute’s core design DNA – embodying our contrasting perspectives, a harmony integral to the brand’s success,” says Ty.

With its expansive 91-square-meter heritage-listed ground floor footprint, the flagship store beckons patrons to immerse themselves in a fashion journey that defies convention and embraces the beauty of contrast.