The No-Frills Makeup Brand That’s Anything But Fluff

In this issue’s T Australia Faces series we profile four entrepreneurs who are championing a renewed vision for the beauty industry. Next: Fluff’s Erika Geraerts.

Article by Alison Izzo

T Australia faces Fluff_2Fluff founder Erika Geraerts. Courtesy of Fluff.

Erika Geraerts isn’t afraid to go against the grain. Having cut her teeth working for big beauty brands (she was one of the co-founders of Frank Body), she decided to go it alone and, in 2018, she founded a brand with an unusual aim: producing less. Based in Collingwood, Melbourne, Geraerts, 34, sees Fluff as an antidote to the overconsumption most makeup brands peddle. It’s known for three products — a refillable bronzer, lip oil and retractable brush — and occasionally offers skincare, such as a cleanser and mask. 

T Australia faces Fluff
Fluff’s trio of hero products, from left, the Kabuki Brush, Bronzing Powder and Lip Oil. Photograph courtesy of Fluff.

The less-is-more approach extends to her distribution model: about a year ago, Fluff moved to quarterly releases, selling products online for just one week, four times a year. “Consumers were becoming confused and disheartened,” Geraerts says, referring to sales strategies common in the industry, such as aggressive advertising campaigns. “So we thought, ‘What if we pull back and restrict the supply to increase the demand?’ ” The main advantage, she says, is that she now sets the pace of her business. 

According to the company, annual revenue bounced back within a year and, with reduced costs, Fluff is now more profitable and easier to manage. “It also allows us to focus on different markets, each time in a more efficient way,” Geraerts adds.