T Australia Issue #12 Out Now

T Australia’s “Artistry” issue – on newsstands now – celebrates those at the cultural vanguard from the worlds of visual arts, music, film and more. 

Article by T Australia

T Australia issue 12, our “Artistry” edition, is on sale today. A celebration of those at the cultural vanguard from the worlds of visual arts, music, film and more, it doubles as a fashion issue and is packed with shoots and profiles that spotlight major trends.

On the cover is the charismatic performer and erudite cinephile Jacob Elordi. In an interview with Victoria Pearson, the Brisbane-raised, Hollywood-based actor spoke candidly about the redemptive nature of television, collaborating with his sister, the photographer Isabella Elordi, and the artistic intensity of his acting idols. “It’s quite an eclectic bunch of people,” Elordi says of the through line connecting his professional heroes Brando, Olivier, Bale, Ledger and McQueen — screen legends whose oeuvre and success he one day hopes to emulate. “I think the thing that carries through is a kind of respect, and a respect for — if there were to be such thing as a craft — a dedication to this singular thing which is performance.

“I appreciate that bravado in all of them,” he continues, “choosing this performance to be their religion and their faith, and the kind of intensity in the way they pursue it.”

Also in this issue, the writer Ellie Pithers takes us inside Christian Louboutin’s holiday compound on the Portuguese coast — complete with a colour-shifting party tower (page 68), the golfer Adam Scott speaks candidly about his hopes to democratise the game that made his name (page 74), and we launch a new section, T Faces – a platform to profile up-and-comers from across the artistic spectrum as part of our commitment to unearth and promote young Australian creatives. This issue we introduce the 2023 Archibald Prize finalist Julia Gutman, the dancer Tsehay Hawkins, the actor Sophie Wilde and the singer-songwriter Zeppelin Hamilton.

The Australian journalist turned US-based author Lance Richardson kicks off a regular column for T Australia reflecting on the tailors of Savile Row, and their portals to less imperfect worlds (page 36), Fendi’s artistic director of menswear, Silvia Venturini Fendi, shares the ways in which her work and family have always been synonymous (page 84) and the Italian designer Giorgio Armani looks back at his life in pictures (28).

There’s fashion, interiors, timepieces and design – all told with T Australia’s signature voice. We hope you enjoy this very special issue.

T Australia #12 is available at newsagents nationally, and can be ordered online now, either as a single copy or as part of a subscription.