A Candle Inspired by Marie Antoinette’s Royal Garments

Plus: Paris Georgia adds footwear to its ready-to-wear offering, a debut range of desert island skincare essentials, and more Bastille Day recommendations from T Australia.

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The T Australia List_Trudon_1Photography by Si Kirk.

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The T Australia List_Paris Georgia
The Dune wedge, the debut footwear release from Paris Georgia. Photograph by Vitali Gelwich, courtesy Paris Georgia.

Buy This: A Debut Footwear Design from Paris Georgia

Synonymous with timeless silhouettes, refined tailoring and understated colour palettes, Paris Georgia (established in 2015 by New Zealand-based friends Paris Mitchell-Temple and Georgie Cherrie) crafts ready-to-wear designs beloved by the singer-songwriter Lorde, and models Paloma Elsesser and Helena Christensen, among legions more. This year marks a new chapter for the Antipodean design duo, who recently unveiled the brand’s first solo foray into footwear. Dubbed the Dune wedge, the Italian made seven-inch high sculptural lather design is the product of two years spent in research and development. A natural extension of Paris Georgia’s fashion DNA, the Dune wedge is available in black, off-white, oxblood and sunflower hues and retails from $890. Available to purchase at shop.parisgeorgia.com.

The T Australia List_Adore Beauty_2
Photograph courtesy of Adore Beauty.
The T Australia List_Adore Beauty_1
Photograph courtesy of Adore Beauty.

Try This: Adore Beauty’s First Skincare Range

Following the 2022 launch of AB LAB, a community-driven private label by Australian beauty retailer Adore Beauty, the brand has expanded its offering of three SPFs to include an edit of “desert island” skincare essentials. “AB LAB launched with our one and only beauty rule – SPF – and now we’re expanding into the key building blocks of your skin wardrobe, with cleansers and moisturisers that work for your skin type,” says the head of brand Chelsea Healey. “The idea driving AB LAB is to bring our customers the best in beauty, and AB SKIN continues that mission.” The new releases include three cleansers and two moisturisers, formulated to empower customers to curate a personal capsule wardrobe for skincare. A survey of “desert island” skincare products, undertaken by the brand’s Adore Society members, revealed cleansers and moisturisers to be the most elusive cabinet fillers (half admitted they still haven’t found their “perfect” moisturiser and a third say they haven’t found their “perfect” cleanser). AB LAB seeks to fill this void through its range of three cleansers — Dewy-C Enzymatic cleansing balm, B5 Bounce Conditioning Cleanser and the B3 Balance Foaming Facial Wash — and two moisturisers — the B3 Balance Water Gel Cream and the Dewy-C Luminous Skin Cream. “We’ve always given our community a curated selection of the best in beauty – AB LAB is the result of learning from our community about what products work, what products are loved and what products are deemed essential,” says the brand’s co-founder Kate Morris. AB LAB’s skincare range is available to purchase at www.adorebeauty.com.au

The T Australia List_Trudon_2
Trudon's Marie Antoinette-inspired Tuileries collection. Image courtesy of Trudon.

Smell This: A Rose Scented Candle Fit for a Queen

To celebrate its 380th anniversary, and coinciding with Bastille Day, Trudon has mined its archives and launched a new scented collection: Tuileries. Available in four candle sizes and a diffuser, Tuileries nods to the brand’s proud French heritage and, more specifically, a rare document stored at the French National Archives, the “Gazette des Atours de la Reine”. The notebook, kept by the countess Geneviève d’Ossun (a French courtier who served as lady-in-waiting and first maid of honour to Marie Antoinette) features fabric samples used to tailor the sovereigns’ myriad dresses and royal outfits. Additionally, the range’s fragrance was conceived as an homage to the Queen’s favourite flower, the rose. Prices begin at $159, available to purchase from trudon.com.

T Australia List_The Retreivals
In "The Retreivals", the report Susan Burton delves into case against Yale Fertility Centre Nurse Donna Monticone and the attitude towards women's pain. Image courtesy of Tempura/Unsplash.

Listen To This: A New Podcast from The New York Times and Serial

In 2014, the reporter Sarah Koenig upended the way we receive investigative journalist through the launch of her 12-part podcast “Serial”, a week-to-week examination of the 1999 murder of Baltimore high school student Hae Min Lee. The series, which amassed some 300 million downloads, was the first to receive a Peabody award, and prompted a wave of other podcasts in the genre. This month, the Serial Productions team, together with The New York Times, take on a true crime of a slightly different nature – one that occurred within the walls of Yale University’s Fertility Center. Helmed by the journalist and longtime This American Life producer and editor Susan Burton, “The Retrievals” delves into the experiences of over 200 patients who, over the course of five months in 2020, encountered extreme pain during scheduled egg retrieval procedures. It was discovered that a nurse at the clinic had been stealing fentanyl (the prescribed anaesthetic) and replacing it with saline solution. The series covers the case against the nurse, Donna Monticone, but the more interesting analysis centres on the treatment of women’s pain. Listen to “The Retreivals” at nyt.com