T Australia Issue #18 Out Now

Love is a near-universal need and an enduring cultural preoccupation, yet its definition is strangely slippery. In our eighteenth issue we examine modern love in all forms.

Article by T Australia

In our first ever “Amour” issue, we examine love in all its complicated glory, unpacking what it means to love and be loved in this day and age, when all the old rules have been abandoned.

In our cover story (page 68), the writer Lance Richardson ponders the real meaning of love: is it comfort, compromise, collective fantasy — or all of the above? He also considers the dangers of dating apps, which force us to emphasise our looks and suppress the messy beauty of what makes us human. The photoshoot for “True Romance” expounds on these ideas of modern love. The model, Maria Baza, wears the signature colour red and is draped in a Michael Hill necklace. The photography by Jedd Cooney.

Carvin, a French eatery in Sydney.
With its classic Parisian-style decor, the French eatery Caravin in Sydney offers an escape from the everyday. Photograph courtesy of Caravin.
Model Scarlet Hayes. Photograph by Jedd Cooney.

Elsewhere in the issue, Ute Junker calls attention to romance novels that are changing the cultural narrative (page 20). The T Australia staff answer personal questions about dating (page 16). The writer Helen Hawkes delves into the special bond between humans and dogs. “Dogs, no matter whether poodles or Rottweilers, are simply, and have always been, pure, slobbery, unconditional love,” she writes (page 19). We explore how French cuisine is back in fashion, with a wave of Paris-inspired bistros beloved for their chic decor and varied menus cropping up (page 32) and the return of a favourite cocktail in “Blast From the Past” (page 24).

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T Australia Issue #17 Out Now

The award-winning television, film and theatre actor Sarah Snook fronts this latest issue, celebrating Journeys.

Article by T Australia

T Australia’s seventeenth issue celebrates Journeys: from the sensory to the political to the more typical globetrotting variety. What we’ve found, amid the dazzling medley of contributions that came back, is that no matter what form they take, our most memorable journeys are often the ones that take us to new, or long-forgotten, parts of ourselves.

Our cover story (page 62), written by Emma Pegrum, profiles one of the Australia’s most formidable creative exports, the award-winning television, film and theatre star Sarah Snook. Photographed by Eric Michael Roy. and styled by Chloe Beene, the interview (“Playing Paradox”, page 62) delves into her journey — or should we say journeys — preparing to play no less than 26 roles in Sydney Theatre Company’s West End debut of its adaptation of “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. “Playing other people brings you closer to yourself,” says Snook.

Sheet Cake
Sheet cakes by Noelle Blizzard of the bakery New June. Photograph by Sharon Radisc.
Hong Kong Art_3
A light installation at the Tai Kwun development. Photograph by Theodore Kaye, Courtesy of Discover Hong Hong.

Elsewhere in the issue, Victoria Pearson writes about the hiking wear,
performance sneakers and technical fabrics is about tackling — and protecting ourselves from — the great outdoors (page 76). Tony Davis interviews the Monaco’s leader, Prince Albert II (and uncovers his special connection with Australia (page 72). The writer Luke Benedictus contemplates the innate eroticism of hotel rooms in “Suite Loving” (page 24). We explore Rio de Janeiro’s new wave of pared-back, nature-focused architecture in “Above It All” (page 40) and in “A Lick of the Past” (page 56) and “Short and Sweet” (page 32), we examine the nostalgic food trends that are transporting our tastebuds to simpler — but no less delicious — times.

Plus, our T Travel Supplement is here, spanning adventures to Hong Kong, Hamilton Island, the high seas and Wales. To grab a copy of Issue 17, either order the mag onlinesubscribe or pick up a copy at newsagents nationally.

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T Australia Issue #16 Out Now

The hip-hop star, actress and producer Queen Latifah fronts this latest issue, celebrating The Greats.

Article by T Australia

16_NEW ISSUE 1200X8006

T Australia’s sixteenth issue celebrates The Greats: the talents across music, film, art and fashion whose careers are a master class in curiosity, composure and defiance.

Our cover story (page 64), written by Emily Lordi, profiles one of the world’s most singular and compelling entertainment personalities, the pioneering hip-hop star, actress and producer Queen Latifah. Photographed by Rahim Fortune and styled by Ian Bradley, the interview delves into the multihyphenate’s three-decade-long career spanning rap, jazz, acting and directing, alongside the far-reaching impact she has made for women in creative fields.

Then there’s the actor Annette Bening, whose four-decade career is shaped by a penchants for playing difficult women. But, as the writer Ligaya Mishan discovers (page 80), it’s the difficulty of the roles themselves that really interests her.

There’s also Miuccia Prada (page 70), who transformed her family’s leather goods business into an empire that has changed the way we dress and think about clothing. “It’s about living different parts of your personality,” she says.

A male lion rests from the exertions of hunting and eating, less than a kilometre from the unfenced Serengeti Safari Camp in the south of the park. Photograph by Anthony Ham.
Textured Accessories / Fall Design IssueAnthony Cotsifas / T Magazine
From top: Bottega Veneta bag, bottegaveneta.com; Givenchy shoes, givenchy.com; and Giorgio Armani bag, armani.com. Photograph by Anthony Cotsifas.

In beauty, Victoria Pearson sits down with Gian Luca Perris, the chief executive officer and “nose”of the 800-year-old Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella (page 28). Anthony Ham takes us to the land of the lions, the Serengeti, where encounters with these beasts are both common and captivating (page 94). And T Australia columnist and author Lance Richardson shares how a revelatory encounter with Taylor Swift prompted a deep-dive on the rubric for cultural excellence (page 30).

Plus, our annual Christmas Gift Guide is here (page 54), spanning the ultimate curation of beauty-counter indulgences and colourful travel essentials, the new smart glasses and the softest shoes. To grab a copy of Issue 16, either order the mag onlinesubscribe or pick up a copy at newsagents nationally.

T Australia #16 is available at newsagents nationally, and can be ordered online now, either as a single copy or as part of a subscription.

T Australia Issue #15 Out Now

The model Ajak Deng fronts the latest issue – an edition dedicated to the mavericks, disruptors and rebels who dare to ask the difficult questions and spark change.

Article by T Australia

For our annual The Yes Issue, there could be no other cover star than the model Ajak Deng. Captured in the season’s best by the photographer Georges Antoni, Deng embodies the maverick spirit that shapes this issue, whose pages are dedicated to the disruptors and rebels who dare to ask the difficult questions and spark change.

Bottega Veneta’s Matthieu Blazy shares his style evolution in pictures, the photographer Bharat Sikk captures refined spring fashion, shaped by expertly draped dresses and silk separates, while the writer Alexa Brazilia asks why a time-consuming confection (beloved by Queen Elizabeth I) is making a sweet, sticky comeback.

The sinuous tiered decks of the Silver Nova. Photograph courtesy of Silversea.
Bharat Sikk_1
Ulla Johnson top and skirt, ullajohnson.com; Maison Margiela dress (worn under top), maisonmargiela.com; Balenciaga earrings and ear cuff; Calzedonia tights, calzedonia.com; and Gui Rosa shoes. Maison Margiela dress; Ester Manas dress (worn underneath); Balenciaga earrings and ear cuff; Calzedonia tights; and Gui Rosa shoes. Photograph by Bharat Sikk.

In beauty, Alison Izzo hits the gym – delving into their transformation from spartan sweat boxes into holistic wellness and social hubs and, increasingly, a place to flex interior design prowess. T Australia’s resident drinks expert Fred Siggins turns his gaze to gin – and the savoury and umami flavours making their way into your martini – and we turn back time for Watches & Jewellery, celebrating modern interpretations of vintage timepieces.

Plus, we introduce our first luxury travel special. Lee Tulloch steps aboard Silversea’s “game changer” Silver Nova cruise ship, and Craig Tansley sets sail for the majestic Kimberley. To grab a copy of Issue 14, either order the mag onlinesubscribe or pick up a copy at newsagents nationally.

T Australia #15 is available at newsagents nationally, and can be ordered online now, either as a single copy or as part of a subscription.

T Australia Issue #14 Out Now

A cover by legendary photographer Georges Antoni fronts the latest issue, which includes the best in fashion, interiors and travel.

Article by T Australia

A cover by the legendary photographer Georges Antoni sets the tone for our just-launched Renewal issue, a magazine dedicated to the spaces where artists, writers and other creatives find respite. It’s our first collaboration with Antoni and we’ve gone all-out with a 14-page shoot. Full of artful draping, roomy tailoring and industrial grit, it’s our own take on urban renewal.

We also step inside a garage-turned-gallery in suburban Virginia and get to know Etro’s visionary creative director, Marco De Vincenzo. We catch up with Emma Lewisham and other entrepreneurs who are challenging “big beauty” with some pretty radical ideas. Then we meet the whisky-makers championing blends over single malts, and we get to the bottom of Penfolds’ curious new marketing strategy (hint: streetwear icon Nigo is on the payroll).

Emma Lewisham. Photograph courtesy of the brand.
Esther Choi
Graff emerald-and-diamond earrings. Photograph by Esther Choi.

In art, Zoë Lescaze takes a look at the female painters challenging the male gaze with bold (and sometimes controversial) depictions of the female body. And our travel writers take us to the farthest reaches of the Americas, from Chile’s vast, bone-riddled Atacama Desert to Churchill, Canada — one of the best places on Earth to see the northern lights.

Plus, we quiz Daniel Riley, the new artistic director of Australian Dance Theatre, on his plans for the company. And our columnist, Lance Richardson, talks about moving house and finding renewal in the rituals of relocation (“I like to think of it as drafts of the same creative project: your life.”)

There’s also a special watches and jewellery lift-out, plus the chance to win your very own Breitling timepiece. To grab a copy of Issue 14, either order the mag onlinesubscribe or pick up a copy at newsagents nationally.

T Australia #14 is available at newsagents nationally, and can be ordered online now, either as a single copy or as part of a subscription.

T Australia Issue #13 Out Now

T Australia’s “Structure” issue – on newsstands now – is covered by the actresses Miranda Otto and Teresa Palmer, and pays tribute to the special bonds shared by amazing women around the world.

Article by T Australia

Australian actors Miranda Otto and Teresa Palmer wear Ralph Lauren on the cover of our "Structure" issue, on sale now.

T Australia issue 13, our “Structure” edition, is on sale today. A celebration of design, physical or metaphorical structures and collaborations from the worlds of visual arts, music, film and more, it celebrates the intimacy of mentorship among female creatives and the bonds shared by amazing women around the world.

Our special double cover features the formidable Australian actors Miranda Otto and Teresa Palmer. In an interview with the writer Helen Hawkes, the duo reflect upon the balancing their work and family lives (“I’ve turned down roles because I felt I couldn’t miss the last months of [my daughter] Darcey’s schooling,” says Otto), living in Los Angeles and its obsession with “presentation of self 24/7”, upcoming projects and changing the narrative of equity within the industry.

Off camera, the co-stars are a fascinating pairing: Otto with her signature red mane and regal poise, every inch the award-winning acting legend, and Palmer radiating a natural charisma that is evident in her string of Hollywood movie roles. Both women live in Los Angeles, but their paths, until now, have hardly crossed. It’s taken the chilling tale of a Melbourne cult accused of abducting and brainwashing children – brought to life in the Disney+ series “The Clearing” — to finally bring the two Australian acting exports together. As the writer Helen Hawkes discovers, their careers and perspectives may differ but there’s one thing the actors agree on: they’re done playing the love interest.⁠

“I love watching films with a strong female lead,” says Palmer. “I still get stopped on the street by people saying what an impact that movie made on them.”⁠

Mark Ronson_1
The Grammy- and Oscar-winning DJ and producer Mark Ronson. Photography by Jack Bridgland.
Cartier high jewellery_1
The designer and architect Patricia Urquiola channels Cartier motifs in a jewellery display at Villa Reale di Marlia, Florence. Courtesy of Cartier.

Also in this issue, the writer Lance Richardson interviews the New York-based British DJ and producer Mark Ronson, who has crafted music alongside some of the world’s most talented musicians and writers (page 44), and the artist Tyrone Wight (aka Rone) selects three up-and-coming visionaries to know in the magazine’s T Faces series (page 24), including the muralist Kitt Bennett, the architect Jeremy McLeod (of Breathe) and the entrepreneur Annalise Knight (of Brother Nature).

The writer Victoria Pearson travels to Florence for the unveiling of Cartier’s new high jewellery collection Le Voyage Recommencé (page 38), Heidi Dokulil hits Milan Design Week for the best in internationally celebrated furniture, lighting and accessories (page 47) and we meet the bakers and food artists once again turning to meringue to create otherworldly decorative desserts that walk the line between kitsch and classical beauty (page 86).

There’s fashion, interiors, timepieces and design – all told with T Australia’s signature voice. We hope you enjoy this very special issue.

T Australia #13 is available at newsagents nationally, and can be ordered online now, either as a single copy or as part of a subscription.