From Festive Gifting to Must-Watch Films, Emily Nolan Shares Her T Australia List

The Melbourne-based designer and tailor, Emily Nolan, shares a curation of what she’s coveting right now.

Article by Victoria Pearson

E NOLAN_THE T AUSTRALIA LIST_1The designer and tailor Emily Nolan. Photograph by Brigitte Clark.

She’s crafted suiting for some of Australia’s biggest talents – from the comedian and actor Celia Pacquola to the singer-songwriter G-Flip – and with her bower-bird penchant for one-of-a-kind vintage and unstudied interior styling expertise, the tailor and designer Emily Nolan has also cemented herself as one of the country’s coolest tastemakers.

Having learnt the basics of sewing from her grandmothers at the age of 11, Nolan quickly honed her vision for a fashion label that was female-led, inherently sustainable and, most importantly, built on garments of quality.

“Deep-rooted sexism in design is prolific, especially when it comes to tailoring,” she says. “Historically, it has always been men first, and women second. Women, the afterthought or a menswear pattern applied to a female clientele.” She established her made-to-order label, E Nolan, in 2019, and quickly established an appointment-only service – nurturing a luxurious one-to-one wardrobe experience for all women and members of LGBTQIA+ community.

Here, we asked the Melbourne-based Nolan for her T Australia List – from the jewellery she’s coveting to her one-stop shop for all things gifting.

From left: Alexander Kirkeby glassware. Photographed by Lillie Thompson for Pan After. Bella Clark Love Ring in Pink, White & Red Sapphires. Photograph courtesy of Bella Clark.

Covet This: Spring-ready jewels and oil painting classes

“It drives me mad that John from L’eclisse Shoes doesn’t have an online store, but he is so fabulously old school. All of his shoes are made in Italy and they are the work of gods. Nothing he has is available anywhere else. As we approach the holiday period, Pan After is your one-stop shop for all things gifting (and you will probably leave with a cheeky little present for yourself). I love the tote bags. Almost all my rings are Bella Clark and I’m in love with the new Spring collection. Everything she does is to die for. I love to visit Andy, Mitch and Annika at Oigall Projects on Gertrude St. Painting is my creative outlet that is not work related. Jacqui Stockdale’s Art Club Co classes are a great place to get your creative juices flowing. I also love to get lost in a vintage antique browse at Waverley Antique Bazaar or Nook Vintage. When browsing for the home, I admire the bowerbirds whose nest feels like their tangible spirit. When the budget is low, you have to be resourceful, and I find so much pleasure in the hunt. When you’re shopping second hand, it feels as if items find you – a bit like adopting a turtle. I have furnished my place with 90 per cent second hand pieces via eBay, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace and Leonard Joel Auction House.”

From left: Film poster artwork for "Asteroid City" and "Chungking Express".

Watch This: Wes Anderson and Wong Kar-wai

“‘Asteroid City’, Wes Anderson (‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ is one of my favourites – Wes Anderson builds worlds I want to live in. Nothing beats seeing it in the theatre); ‘Alice in Wonderland’ 1951 and ‘Dumbo’ 1941 (these will forever be my comfort movies); ‘Chungking Express’, Wong Kar-wai (the perfect romantic-comedy. ‘California Dreamin’’ will be stuck in your head all week); “The Summer I Turned Pretty” (I am disgustingly obsessed. Watching it makes me feel like I have a high school crush).”

From left: Photograph courtesy of @albertswinebar and @hectors_deli.

Eat This: An Armadale wine bar and honey bread

Alberts Wine Bar on Morey St, Armadale, is my new favourite haunt. This place and my parents’ labrador is the only thing now that will get me over the river. My other forever favourites include the fresh eggplant sandwich at Hector’s Deli, pasta at Cams Kiosk at Abbotsford Convent, breakfast at Florian (you have to leave with an Austro Bakery pastry) and the honey bread at Rocco’s Bologna Discoteca.”

From left: "Sundressed: Natural fibres and the future of fashion", Lucianne Tonti. "The Old Man and the Sea", Ernest Hemingway.
Kirsten Dunst on the set of The Virgin Suicides (1999). Photograoh courtesy of Sofia Coppola.

Read This: Coffee table tomes and holiday classics

“’Sundressed’ by Lucianne Tonti. ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ is a book I read first on every holiday to ease back in – Hemmingway’s simplicity of constructing a narrative is less daunting to start with if I’ve been absent from page turning. ‘The Joy Of The Small Things’ is one to pick up and put down, forget what you’re doing and then return a few weeks later. ‘Sofia Coppola Archive’ by Sofia Coppola. ‘How To Be a Domestic Goddess’ by Nigella Lawson – she is my dream woman, my dream client. ‘Les diners de Gala’ by Salvador Dalì.”

The Comedian and Actor Celia Pacquola Shares Her T Australia List

The host of “Thank God You’re Here” sends T Australia a curation of what she’s coveting right now.

Article by Victoria Pearson

thank god you're here_celia pacquola heroFrom left, photographs courtesy of Hwa Goh; @1800lasagna.

She’s one of Australia’s most recognisable (and beloved) comedic talents, with roles in “Utopia”, “Have You Being Paying Attention?”, “Rosehaven” and a stint on “Dancing with the Stars”. But it’s Celia Pacquola’s current gig as the host of the newly revived “Thank God You’re Here” that’s captivated television audiences once more.

To celebrate the season’s final episode, airing tonight on Channel 10, Pacquola shared with us her T Australia List, including an unmissable bakery, a Melbourne-based tailor and a lasagna to end all others.

Celia Pacquola_thank god you're here
Celia Pacquola on "Thank God You're Here". Photograph by Hwa Goh.

Watch This: “Thank God You’re Here” season five

“It’s been 14 years between drinks and I’m so excited it’s back. Yes, I am the host, but I’m a fan first. This show is a huge scale event with so many fun elements: silliness, comedians (fan favourites and new exciting up and comers), live animals, surprises, adrenaline, the threat of disaster, wigs. So many wigs. It’s a show about bullshitting and no bullshit, I think it’s really good. Catch up on season five on 10 Play, but if you can dig out your old DVDs treat yourself to watching the old seasons too.”

thank god you're here_e nolan
Photograph courtesy of E Nolan.

Covet This: A tailored suit by E Nolan

Once it was decided I was going to host “TGYH”, the question was, ‘What am I going to wear?’. In my real life, I dress like a teenage boy which didn’t feel right for the occasion. Stylist Karinda Mutabazi and I decided it’s gotta be suits. She found a range of wonderful, colourful options ,and the best one was an E Nolan, made and tailored for me by Emily herself. From the moment I met Emily I felt in incredibly safe hands, she was so cool and charming and kind and made me feel comfortable when I was outside of my comfort zone. She also made me the most stunning suit that I feel wonderful in and will wear forever.

thank god you're here_1800 lasagne
1800-Lasagne. Photograph courtesy of @1800lasagne.

Eat This: The speciality at 1800 Lasagne

“You’ll never guess what’s on the menu. Prawn cocktails! Nah, it’s lasagne. I took my best mate Luke McGregor there for his buck’s night because lasagne is his favourite food (to the point that one birthday I got him a hyper realistic lasagne chocolate cake) and he said it was the best lasagne he’d ever had (1800 Lasagne, not the cake). I agree. So. Good. It’s a great example of choosing one thing and doing that very well. The venue also feels like back of my nonna’s house but with more wine. And the garlic bread, oh my god. I would recommend time for a nap afterwards.”

Visit This: A nostalgic bakery in Yarra Glen

“Look, my daughter is great. But one thing that is a shame is that she hates the car. It’s a shame because it means we rarely go further than as many Wiggles songs as we can handle, which isn’t a lot. It’s even more of a shame because it means we can’t go to my favourite bakery, the Yarra Glen Bakehouse in Yarra Glen. I only know it because I grew up there, it was my first job and also the first job I was fired from. It’s not fancy; it’s a classic country bakery – don’t be expecting any cronuts or macarons – but it’s got the best meat pies in the world. I mean, you could visit wineries or the dairy or Healesville sanctuary while you’re out there, but I’d just use all of those as an excuse to go to the bakery. And, if you do, grab me a couple of pies, thanks.”

thank god you're here_bangarra
"Yuleda". Photograph courtesy of Bangarra Dance Theatre.

Watch This: A live performance of “Yuleda”

“I am very excited to be going to see “Yuldea”, a performance by the Bangarra dance theatre. I have seen the documentary “Firestarter – The Story of Bangarra” (another one to add to the list of what to watch) which was amazing. I am thrilled to get to see them in person.”

From an Island Escape to Artful Light Fixtures, Annalisa Ferraris Shares Her T Australia List

The Sydney-based artist and designer, Annalisa Ferraris, shares a curation of what she’s coveting right now.

Article by Victoria Pearson

E NOLAN_THE T AUSTRALIA LIST_1The designer and tailor Emily Nolan. Photograph by Brigitte Clark.

Through her artworks – large scale brutalist-inspired canvases painted in pastel pinks and blues – the Sydney-based artist Annalisa Ferraris depicts glamorous, minimalistic places: street-side architecture, pool-side vistas, and dinner party mise-en-scène.

Recently, however, she has delved into a more functional form of creation, crafting pieces that bring interiors to life. The result is FERRARIS, a capsule collection of furniture comprising of the Claudio chair – a walnut stained birch design with a custom made cushion (available to upholster in ivory taffeta or Sicilian olive velvet) – and the Paola brass light sconce.

Here, we asked the creative and tastemaker for her T Australia List – from the ceramic vases she’s coveting to the South Coast island escape where swimming with seals is on the agenda.

Annalisa Ferraris_T List_6
From left: A ceramic light sconce designed by the botanical illustrator Adriana Picker; image courtesty of Miranda Skoczek.

Covet This: A silk collaboration and an artful light sconce for the home

“The incredibly talented abstract artist Miranda Skoczek has a collaboration coming out with Silk Laundry that is looking magnificent, while Poho’s beautiful Double Bay store is a must-visit – not only for their impeccable selection of flowers but also for their range of vases. In particular, the Morgane Pasqualini ceramic pieces, sourced by the artist herself. They’re otherworldly.

I love antique jewellery more than the new – particularly all the beautiful, rare, estate and antique pieces Emrys Cousins sources for her brand Love Well. They’re never short of incredible, will gladly take them all. Finally, my dear friend and botanical illustrator Adriana Picker will soon be launching a beautiful fig leaf sconce, crafted to charm any kitchen or home.”

Annalisa Ferraris_T List_4
The interior of Le Foote. Photograph courtesy of the Swillhouse Group.

Eat This: Mediterranean-inspired fare at Sydney’s The Rocks

“For the best and most consistently good food, drinks and vibes, look no further than the Swillhouse Group – their newest restaurant Le Foote is a Mediterranean-inspired grill that will take you back to Europe with the first bite of a cheese pie or sip of a (two-sip) martini. Trust me, I’ve had many sips. They’re also soon to open The Caterpillar Club – a new late-night venue that will no doubt be a real saviour for Sydney night life.”

Annalisa Ferraris_T List_1
From left: Barunguba (Montage Island), Narooma; Quarter Deck, image courtesy of Merivale.

Visit This: Swim with seals at this idyllic island getaway

“For the perfect city escape take a scenic drive south (if you’re in Sydney) to Narooma and stay on Barunguba (Montage Island). It’s a small island off the coast of Narooma, a seal sanctuary and home to many sea gulls and penguins. Hire both houses for the entire island to yourself or one for a smaller group. On your drive, stop at the Narooma co-op and stock up on oysters and fresh fish (once you’re on the island there’s no shops, so make sure you bring all the essentials). And – the entire reason to visit –swim with the seals. It will be one of the greatest experiences you ever have. When you’re back on the mainland head to Quarter Deck on the other side of Narooma (recently taken over by Merivale) and have a piña colada and some ceviche.”

Annalisa Ferraris_T List_2
From left: Nathan White candle holder; Bonnard at the National Gallery of Victoria, courtesy of the NGV.
Annalisa Ferraris_T List_5
Peter Godwin, "Studio Harp and Boite a Bijou", 2023 tempera emulsion & oil on linen, 137.5 x 244.5 cm (framed).

See This: Iridescent paintings from a 20th-century master

“The Bonnard exhibition at the NGV is on until October and is possibly one of the most important exhibitions of note to visit Australia – definitely worth a visit. My husband (Nathan White) will also be debuting his sculptures-homewares in collaboration with Assembly Label this November – look out for them in stores. The current Peter Godwin exhibition at Defiance Gallery is also (in my opinion) one of the best shows in Sydney at the moment. I’m dying to get my hands on one of his works!”

From a Riverside Cottage to Art for the Home, Laice Bollen Shares Her T Australia List

The event planner and stylist behind Place of Lb shares a curation of what she’s noticing and coveting right now.

Article by Victoria Pearson

Laice Bollen_T List_1From left: Place of Lb's Laice Bollen. Photography courtesy of Laice Bollen; Sunny Corner Cottage in Muogamarra Nature Reserve, NSW. Photograph courtesy of Sunny Corner Cottage.

When it comes to the cultural vanguard, few are as tapped in as Laice Bollen. An event and wedding planner and stylist, Bollen is the mind behind some of Australia’s most googled weddings (the model Georgia Fowler, the Zimmermann designer Georgia Boniface and the fashion design Lillian Khallouf are all past clients), and she has curated soirees for brands such as P.E. Nation, Ruinart and Kate Spade.

As the founder and director of the boutique event agency, Place of Lb, Bollen is professionally obligated to keep her finger on the pulse. Here, we asked the creative and tastemaker for her T Australia List – from the rug she’s coveting to the restaurant to hit next time you’re in Melbourne.

Laice Bollen_T List_7
From left: A custom artwork by Toni Clarke inside Gildas, Surry Hills. Photograph courtesy of Toni Clarke; "Girl in Green Jacket". Photograph courtesy of Toni Clarke.

Covet This: Artwork from Toni Clarke Studio

“We already have a piece from Toni Clarke Studio in our living room, and now we need our next piece to match. Toni is the sister of the Sydney restauranteur Sean Moran, who is a family friend – they’re such a talented family, and Toni’s works are so vibrant and evocative. Once we return from our trip to Europe this year I’m thinking of commissioning a custom painting of a memory from Paris.”

Laice Bollen_T List_3
From left: Tim Roodenrys Tiger 2, $1,830; Tiger 5, $1,720.00. Photographs courtesy of Tim Roodenrys.

Shop This: A Handwoven Tibetan Rug from Tim Roodenrys

“Again, we’re lucky enough to have a rug sourced Tim in our home, but now we need a hallway runner. Tim is Australian, who works closely with Tibetan rug-weaving cooperatives to bring the traditions and skill of their craft to the rest of the world. I love the stories and the history of each design. They’re incredible art pieces for your floor.”

Laice Bollen_T List_4
From left: Photograph by Karina Lee Studio. Photograph courtesy of Fritillerie.

Covet This: An At-Home Floral Installation by Fritillerie

“I’m lucky in my line of work to connect, and create magic with, so many talented vendors. Fritellerie (the floral design brand helmed by South Coast-based Stella Goodman) is a master and conjuring these artful, sculptural floral pieces that command the space and capture attention. I’m going to work with Stella to create a floral installation in our home. She uses dried, preserved hydrangeas which last for years (and make for a unique design focus in our house).”

Laice Bollen_T List_5
Photograph courtesy of Reine & La Rue.
Laice Bollen_T List_6
Photograph courtesy of Reine & La Rue.

Book This: Reine & La Rue

“I flew to Melbourne last week for work and visited the new venue by the Nomad group, Reine & La Rue. I have no words. The building architecture was breathtaking; it is the perfect place to host a huge party or intimate dinner. Highly recommend.”

Laice Bollen_T List_2
Photographs courtesy of Sunny Corner Cottage.

Visit This: Sunny Corner Cottage

“My next weekend getaway will be at Sunny Corner Cottage in Muogamarra Nature Reserve. With interiors styled by Tamsin Johnson, you can be assured no detail here is spared (the bathroom alone is reason to book). Visit with friends or host a long waterside lunch with friends.”

A Taste of the Riviera on the Open Road

Plus: Chanel timepieces and an artful grocery shopper from Bottega Veneta, and more recommendations from T Australia.

Article by T Australia

24MY Continental GTC Azure - 3The leather-clad interior of Bentley's Continental GTC Azure. Photograph courtesy of Bentley.

From Bentley’s vibrant Continental GTC Azure to a collaboration made in morning heaven, here is your weekly curation of what T Australia editors and tastemakers are noticing and coveting right now.

Loewe_wick cutter
Loewe Wick Cutter, $945.

Shop This: Loewe’s Eternal Flame

With its brushed gold-finish brass blade and leather-bound handles, Loewe’s new wick cutter presents as a piece of sculpture or an accessory to one of its signature handbags more than it does a humble tool. But this is the beauty of the luxury Spanish maison’s approach to homewares — why trim a candle wick with scissors when you could use an objet d’art? (Bonus points for looking elegant while perched on the coffee table.) $945.

chanel x-ray watch
Chanel Première Camélia X-Ray watch, POA.

Covet This: Chanel’s Latest Timepiece Hits X-Ray Mode

Chanel’s signature motif the camellia flower is given a ghostly treatment for the brand’s Première Camélia X-Ray timepiece. Starring an 18-karat white gold camellia-shaped skeleton laced with 246 brilliant-cut diamonds, the limited-edition watch is sheathed in a transparent sapphire crystal. Twenty-four diamonds surround the piece’s white gold crown, while a black patent calfskin strap (with a diamond-studded white gold triple-folding buckle) ensures it need never leave your side. POA.

Hublot_Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin_SM.KWBOX.007.NES23.01-DIGITAL-2-original
Hublot Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin, $33,600.

Shop This: A Wake Up Call from Hublot and Nespresso

Luxury watch specialist Hublot joins forces this season with fellow Swiss icon Nespresso for a special sustainably-minded timepiece: the Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin. Constructed from recycled aluminium capsules, the limited-edition Big Bang also features straps made from used coffee grounds. Its lively colour nods to Nespresso’s Master Origins Peru Organic capsule. Hublot’s DNA shines through the 42mm timepiece’s construction, with an automatic “open heart” movement, double coupling system and 72-hour power reserve. $33,600.

24MY Range - 1 HERO
Bentley’s new Continental GTC Azure, POA.

Drive This: Bentley’s Riviera-Themed Joy Ride

With its metallic topaz blue hue and comfort-driven design, Bentley’s new Continental GTC Azure evokes the stretch of French Riviera coastline that shares its name. Crafted with wellbeing in mind, the GT Azure’s rounded silhouette boasts 22-inch 10-spoke black-painted and bright-machined Azure wheels, alongside an elegant vertical vane grille design (a first for the range), lofted quilting with contrast stitching and 100 per cent recycled nylon carpets. POA.

Bottega Veneta bag, $3,670.

Carry This: Shopping Made Chic with Bottega Veneta

At first glance, Bottega Veneta’s It-bag of summer ’23 appears to be no more than a paper shopping sack — exactly what the brand’s creative director, Matthieu Blazy, intended. The bag’s Kraft-coloured leather has been manipulated to mimic the look and function of paper, down to the folds of the pleated sides. Top handles open to reveal a spacious single-compartment interior bonded from tonal suede, roomy enough to fit your grocery haul and your keys (quiet luxury, eat your heart out). $3,670.

A Print Revival of Artistic Dialogue and Creative Intimacy

Plus: Music architected to elicit “frisson” and a crab and Champagne program at Sydney’s Shell House.

Article by T Australia

The T Australia List_MagmaThe forthcoming "Magma" publication, supported by Bottega Veneta. Image courtesy of Bottega Veneta.

You’re reading The T Australia List, your weekly curation of what T Australia editors and tastemakers are noticing and coveting this week.

The T Australia List_Venustus_2
The interior of Venustus' new Paddington address. Photograph by Milly Mead, courtesy of Venustus.
The T Australia List_Venustus
Photograph by Milly Mead, courtesy of Venustus.
The T Australia List_Venustus_3
Photograph by Milly Mead, courtesy of Venustus.

Book This: A Reimagined Wellness Sanctuary Where Healing Begins at the Front Door

Renowned beauty and body lab Venustus has unveiled its new industrial-leaning healing space in Sydney’s Paddington neighbourhood. Relocating from its former home next door, the transformation is rooted in decades of decades of expertise in beauty therapies, massage techniques, and healing practices. Founder Jeannie Bourke crafted Venustus’ aesthetic to be distinct from other beauty and body spaces – there is no sign-in area, and it’s this minimalist approach that sets it apart. During the construction of the space, Bourke, an experienced crystal practitioner of over 40 years, created an architectural crystal grid beneath the building, infusing the environment with healing energy from the moment you step inside. The intentional minimalism extends to the absence of floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with beauty products for sale – here, negative space and privacy are central design elements. Treatments take place in egg-shaped metal pods, adorned with cosy beds; an environment that immediately induces relaxation. Switching off here is effortless. Treatments start from $266, available to book at

The T Australia List_Magma_2
The forthcoming "Magma" publication, supported by Bottega Veneta. Image courtesy of Bottega Veneta.

Read This: A Print Publication Supported by Bottega Veneta

“Magma”, a new annual print journal launched with the support of Bottega Veneta, pays homage to the trailblazing revues d’art of the 20th-century, such as Georges Bataille’s “Documents”, the surrealist Minotaure, and Andy Warhol’s “Interview”. Featuring a collection of unpublished and exclusive pieces, “Magma” intends to eschew disciplinary boundaries – here, architects, writers, photographers, sculptors, and filmmakers converge within its large-format pages, transcending borders of generation, geography, and mortality. “Magma’s” founder and editor-in-chief, Paul Olivennes, shares his vision: to reignite the format that once offered direct access to artistic creation. Artists and writers take centre stage, fostering a vibrant dialogue and weaving connections between their works. “I imagine it as a dive into the intimacy, the creative magma, of the art,” says Olivennes. The inaugural edition features contributions from 18 artists, and over 80 previously unseen artworks and literary texts. Dive into Agnès Varda’s musings on Claude Nori’s enigmatic spectacles, Erri de Luca’s contemplation of Luigi Ghirri’s Parisian sojourn, and Lucas Arruda’s poetic exchange with Edouard Glissant. India Mahdavi and Alaa Al Aswany illuminate the essence of Cairo, while François Halard’s photographs of Villa Palagonia converse with Goethe’s historic words. The publication is available for pre-order at

T Australia List_Perrier Jouet
Photograph courtesy of Perrier-Jouët.

Taste This: Perrier-Jouët’s Winter Residency at Shell House

Iconic Champagne maison, Perrier-Jouët, extends an invitation to Sydneysiders this winter for its residency at Shell House, in the city’s CBD. Perched high above the bustling streets of Sydney, the Perrier-Jouët winter program, Champagne Moments, is a delicious alchemy of gastronomy, bubbly, and cultural indulgence. Throughout the winter season, Shell House’s guests can partake in the exclusive Perrier-Jouët Crab + Caviar experience, a limited-time offering that features the venue’s signature crab and caviar, served alongside a pre-ordered bottle of Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut, and enjoyed across multiple levels of Shell House (including the Menzies Bar, dining room and terrace, the Clocktower Bar on level nine, and the Sky Bar on level 10). Champagne Moments is available from $150 per person. Book through

The T Australia List_Sonos
The award-winning engineer, producer, and songwriter Eric J Dubowsky. Photography courtesy of Sonos.

Listen To This: Music Architected to Incite Frisson

The Grammy, Emmy, and ARIA award-winning engineer, producer, and songwriter Eric J Dubowsky has collaborated with Sonos on a unique music track, meticulously engineered to ignite frisson. Colloquially known as “the chills,” frisson is a psychophysiological response that elicits a sensation characterised by tingling skin, goosebumps, and pupil dilation. Inspired by scholarly research, the aptly titled track “Frisson Trigger” takes listeners on an emotional odyssey that showcases the potential of spatial audio innovation. “My life’s work is to emotionally connect people with music, so I delved deep into research to explore how I could tap into the extraordinary science behind frisson,” says Dubowsky. “The song is infused with as many universal frisson triggers as possible, but what we’ve discovered is that listeners’ frisson reactions peak at different points, making it a completely personal experience.” . Harnessing the full power of Dolby Atmos and Sonos’ spatial audio speaker, the Sonos Era 300, “Frisson Trigger” weaves a sonic tapestry that cocoons the listener in the track’s soundscape. “Frisson Trigger” is out now on Apple Music.

The T Australia List_One Circular Quay
Image courtesy of One Circular Quay.

Explore This: Artfully Designed Interiors by the Water’s Edge

Sydney’s Alfred Street in Circular Quay is getting the Daniel Goldberg interior design treatment courtesy of Lendlease’s new One Circular Quay development. The news arrives in tandem with One Circular Quay’s remarkable milestone, surpassing $1 billion in sales since its off-market launch in late 2022, with over 50 per cent of residences already pre-sold. Offering unparalleled front-row views of Sydney’s iconic harbour, the building was conceived to set a new standard for luxury residential living, seamlessly blending with the surrounding natural landscape. Featuring 158 apartments split across 58 levels, the development affords privacy and exclusivity with a dual-core design, ensuring that each apartment shares a lift lobby with only one other residence. Residents will have access to premium amenities, including a private indoor pool, gym, steam room, and dedicated concierge services. The upper levels will house sub-penthouses and a magnificent three-level penthouse, boasting floor-to-ceiling windows, a north-facing swimming pool, and panoramic views of Sydney’s iconic harbor. The One Circular Quay is slated for completion in late 2026.