Consider Yourself a Whisky Novice? Take the Talisker Tutorial

In celebration of the Talisker 45-Year-Old: Glacial Edge whisky, we asked Diageo’s rare and exceptional luxury ambassador Katie Nagar to answer our Rapid Fire Questionnaire.

Article by T Australia

Talisker 45yo_70cl bottle_lifestyle_girardi_7623The Talisker 45-Year-Old: Glacial Edge. Photograph courtesy of Talisker.

In a marriage of nature’s raw power and centuries-old whisky craftsmanship, Talisker unveils its Talisker 45-Year-Old: Glacial Edge, a rare and wild blend that is aged over four decades and perfected in casks fractured by the icy embrace of Arctic winds. The Glacial Edge whisky also serves as the grand finale of the Talisker Xpedition Oak Series, a trilogy of high-aged Single Malt whiskies.

The distinctive character of Glacial Edge is an ode to its unique maturation journey, spending over 40 years in ice-fractured casks, lapped by the biting Arctic winds and subjected to sub-zero temperatures. This extraordinary ageing process unravels an unexplored richness, complexity, and untamed depth of flavour.

Marking Talisker Distillery’s inaugural release of a 45-year-old Single Malt Scotch whisky, Glacial Edge embodies resilience, richness, and untamed elegance. With only 2,445 limited bottles available globally, this exquisite dram offers a sensorial journey with notes of toffee sweetness, mouth-watering saltiness, and a striking peppery intensity.

In a collaboration with ocean conservation partner Parley, Talisker harnesses its wild spirit with a commitment to protect the seas. The Glacial Edge project explores the interconnected nature of the ocean and the planet, unraveling the health of ecosystems from Canadian ice fields to the kelp forests surrounding Talisker’s home on Skye.

Amidst a burgeoning demand for rare and aged whiskies, Talisker 45-Year-Old has emerged as a testament to luxury and rarity. Priced at $7800, this exceptional whisky promises not just a sip but an immersive adventure—a moment of savoured elegance and unforgettable experiences, as only Talisker can provide.

To celebrate the varietal’s Australian release late last year, we sat down with Diageo’s rare and exceptional luxury ambassador, Katie Nagar,  in the New South Wales Snowy Mountains region and asked her to answer our whisky-themed Rapid Fire Questionnaire.