The Comedian and Actor Celia Pacquola Shares Her T Australia List

The host of “Thank God You’re Here” sends T Australia a curation of what she’s coveting right now.

Article by Victoria Pearson

thank god you're here_celia pacquola heroFrom left, photographs courtesy of Hwa Goh; @1800lasagna.

She’s one of Australia’s most recognisable (and beloved) comedic talents, with roles in “Utopia”, “Have You Being Paying Attention?”, “Rosehaven” and a stint on “Dancing with the Stars”. But it’s Celia Pacquola’s current gig as the host of the newly revived “Thank God You’re Here” that’s captivated television audiences once more.

To celebrate the season’s final episode, airing tonight on Channel 10, Pacquola shared with us her T Australia List, including an unmissable bakery, a Melbourne-based tailor and a lasagna to end all others.

Celia Pacquola_thank god you're here
Celia Pacquola on "Thank God You're Here". Photograph by Hwa Goh.

Watch This: “Thank God You’re Here” season five

“It’s been 14 years between drinks and I’m so excited it’s back. Yes, I am the host, but I’m a fan first. This show is a huge scale event with so many fun elements: silliness, comedians (fan favourites and new exciting up and comers), live animals, surprises, adrenaline, the threat of disaster, wigs. So many wigs. It’s a show about bullshitting and no bullshit, I think it’s really good. Catch up on season five on 10 Play, but if you can dig out your old DVDs treat yourself to watching the old seasons too.”

thank god you're here_e nolan
Photograph courtesy of E Nolan.

Covet This: A tailored suit by E Nolan

Once it was decided I was going to host “TGYH”, the question was, ‘What am I going to wear?’. In my real life, I dress like a teenage boy which didn’t feel right for the occasion. Stylist Karinda Mutabazi and I decided it’s gotta be suits. She found a range of wonderful, colourful options ,and the best one was an E Nolan, made and tailored for me by Emily herself. From the moment I met Emily I felt in incredibly safe hands, she was so cool and charming and kind and made me feel comfortable when I was outside of my comfort zone. She also made me the most stunning suit that I feel wonderful in and will wear forever.

thank god you're here_1800 lasagne
1800-Lasagne. Photograph courtesy of @1800lasagne.

Eat This: The speciality at 1800 Lasagne

“You’ll never guess what’s on the menu. Prawn cocktails! Nah, it’s lasagne. I took my best mate Luke McGregor there for his buck’s night because lasagne is his favourite food (to the point that one birthday I got him a hyper realistic lasagne chocolate cake) and he said it was the best lasagne he’d ever had (1800 Lasagne, not the cake). I agree. So. Good. It’s a great example of choosing one thing and doing that very well. The venue also feels like back of my nonna’s house but with more wine. And the garlic bread, oh my god. I would recommend time for a nap afterwards.”

Visit This: A nostalgic bakery in Yarra Glen

“Look, my daughter is great. But one thing that is a shame is that she hates the car. It’s a shame because it means we rarely go further than as many Wiggles songs as we can handle, which isn’t a lot. It’s even more of a shame because it means we can’t go to my favourite bakery, the Yarra Glen Bakehouse in Yarra Glen. I only know it because I grew up there, it was my first job and also the first job I was fired from. It’s not fancy; it’s a classic country bakery – don’t be expecting any cronuts or macarons – but it’s got the best meat pies in the world. I mean, you could visit wineries or the dairy or Healesville sanctuary while you’re out there, but I’d just use all of those as an excuse to go to the bakery. And, if you do, grab me a couple of pies, thanks.”

thank god you're here_bangarra
"Yuleda". Photograph courtesy of Bangarra Dance Theatre.

Watch This: A live performance of “Yuleda”

“I am very excited to be going to see “Yuldea”, a performance by the Bangarra dance theatre. I have seen the documentary “Firestarter – The Story of Bangarra” (another one to add to the list of what to watch) which was amazing. I am thrilled to get to see them in person.”