The Season’s Hottest Shoes: Flamingo Heels, Crystalline Clogs and Anything Over-the-Top

Exuberant look-at-me footwear adds a bounce to your step and some fun to your wardrobe.

Article by T Australia

Bold Shoes_1From left: Fendi shoes,; Miu Miu briefs,; and stylist’s own socks. Balenciaga shoes,; Miu Miu skirt; and stylist’s own socks. Photography by Jennifer Livingston.
Bold Shoes_2
From left: Loewe shoes, and dress, showpiece only, Moschino shoes,; and Sportmax dress, Photography by Jennifer Livingston.
Bold Shoes_3
From left: Gucci sandals, and skirt, Gucci sandals, dress, tights, and necklace. Photography by Jennifer Livingston.
Bold Shoes_4
From left: MM6 Maison Margiela boots,; Valentino bodysuit, and skirt, similar styles at Prada shoes, price on request, and skirt,; and Falke tights, Photography by Jennifer Livingston.
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