The T Australia List, Curated by Vicky Cheng

Vicky Cheng is the chef-owner of VEA and WING restaurants in Hong Kong and appears as a guest judge on MasterChef Australia as part of Hong Kong Week.

Article by T Australia

Vicky Cheng is a chef at VEA in Hong Kong, a high-end restaurant spotlighting a Chinese-French tasting menu. Photograph supplied.

Hong Kong-based chef, Vicky Cheng, is known for the restaurant VEA, which specialises in Chinese-French fusion and pays homage to native Chinese flavours such as Sichuan peppercorns. It earned a Michelin star in 2017.

Bridging the gap between diners who can afford fine dining and those less privileged, Cheng established the Elizabeth Nutritional Fund (named after his daughter) and the Chicken Soup Foundation, a local charity that helps underprivileged children.

In 2021 Cheng launched his second restaurant, WING, where his dishes offer a reinterpretation of Chinese cuisine.

Start the Day Here: 靠得住 Trusty Congee King

Crispy pork skin from Trusty Congee King in Hong Kong. Photography courtesy of Trusty Congee King.

I really enjoy the congee here, I usually order the pork liver with scallop, 心肝寶貝粥. I love innards, and their pork liver here is really good. My daughters really love their Chinese fried dough.

Workout to: Rap and Hip Hop

Eminem in 2010. Photograph courtesy Chad Batka/The New York Times.

Normally I listen to songs when doing morning workout/running , Eminem and Jay-Z mostly.

See This: The Best View of Hong Kong

Victoria Peak Hike. Photography courtesy of Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Victoria Peak Hike is a great place to see the classic view of Hong Kong.

Avoid the Crowds At: A Secret Teahouse

Nan Lian Garden. Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.

Hong Kong is a well developed city with rich biodiversity countryside, abundant opportunities for outdoor leisure in country parks, urban gardens and surrounding waters and islands. Exploring an urban garden in Hong Kong can be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon away from the bustling city centre. One of my personal favourites is Nan Lian Garden, designed in the style of the Tang Dynasty and adorned with unique rock formations and precious trees. After a leisurely stroll through the garden, you can relax at the Song Cha Xie Teahouse located within the garden and savour a pot of traditional Chinese tea.

Enjoy My Favourite Cocktail: At Quinary

Quinary serves multisensory cocktails. Photography courtesy of Quinary.

Quinary is one of my favourites and must visit in Hong Kong. Led by the international award-winning mixologist, Antonio Lai, Quinary is the OG of multisensory mixology. Quirky, fun, the vibe is always great, and they have some interesting cocktail combinations that showcase Hong Kong flavours. I particularly like the Old Fashioned here.

After a Late Night Out: Head To Chiu Hing Restaurant 潮興魚蛋粉

Vicky Cheng says it’s always comforting to have a bowl of hot noodle soup noodle after work. Photography courtesy Network Ten.

A quick supper spot for an authentic bowl of noodle late at night. It is open till 6am in the morning and it’s always comforting to have a bowl of hot soup noodle after work. Originally they sell fish ball noodles, but beef brisket and offal is my favourite order.

Catch Vicky Cheng as a guest judge on MasterChef Australia this Monday as part of Hong Kong Week, from 7.30pm on Network 10 and 10 Play.