How Woodford Reserve and Maybe Sammy Are Making Your Home the Hottest Bar in Town

A collaboration between the bourbon maker and award-winning mixologists is empowering drinkers to flex their at-home cocktail skills.

Article by T Australia

woodford reserve_maybe sammy_1Photograph courtesy of Woodford Reserve.

As the cost of living appears to constantly rise, Australians are turning their homes into the most exclusive bars in town, heralding the emergence of the “Home Fashioned Cocktail Hour” as the latest affordable luxury trend. According to a recent national survey by the bourbon brand Woodford Reserve, 77 per cent of Australians are re-evaluating the expense of nights out, with 59 per cent finding them costly and 41 per cent confessing to spending over $150 per outing.

As a result, many are choosing to embrace the era of the ‘Home Fashioned Cocktail Hour’, with 49 per cent of Aussies now favouring a cocktail night with crudités over the traditional three-course dinner party (34 per cent).

Now, Woodford Reserve has partnered with Maybe Sammy, an award-winning bar, and interior designer and stylist Briellyn Turton to transform homes into the most coveted bars in town. Paolo Maffietti, Bar Manager at Maybe Sammy says that Aussies’ love for cocktails is the driving force behind the transformation.

“We want to help them get comfortable with their at-home mixology skills so they can relax and enjoy hosting their friends,” says Maffieti. As we see this rise of the cocktail hour sweep the nation, it’s really exciting to be able to bring this to Aussies’ homes.”

The partnership brings a luxurious twist to three classic cocktails, including the exclusive “Woodford Reserve Home Fashioned,” designed to impress your guests while keeping costs below $10 per guest. With simple recipes that require minimal ingredients and equipment, anyone can become a mixologist in the comfort of their own home.

Interior designer and stylist Briellyn Turton highlighted the allure of hosting at-home cocktail parties: “It’s such a great way to bring people together. Sometimes hosting can be intimidating when you don’t know what to do with your space,” she says. “It was exciting to partner with Woodford Reserve so we could help Aussies get their homes bar-ready, creating the perfect atmosphere.”

The research also uncovered the desire for more autonomy during social gatherings, with 50 per cent of Aussies choosing cocktail nights at home to curate their own music, 40 per cent to save money, and 34 per cent to craft a personalised experience.

The “Home Fashioned Cocktail Hour” is not just about sipping on expertly crafted drinks; it’s about the experience, the ambience (and the savings).