Yasmin Sewell Answers Our Rapid Fire Questions

To celebrate Vyrao launching nationally at MECCA, T Australia caught up with fragrance founder Yasmin Sewell to put her on the spot for our rapid fire questions.

Article by T Australia

Photography of Yasmin Sewell courtesy of Vyrao.Vyrao founder Yasmin Sewell. Photography courtesy of Vyrao.

Yasmin Sewell is a veteran in the fashion and beauty industry. She’s held the most prominent jobs in the business for companies like Browns, Liberty, and Farfetch, to name a few, and launched fragrance names like Frédéric Malle in the UK. After leaving her role as Vice President of Style and Creative at Farfetch in 2019, Sewell felt ready to do something for herself. “I was just going through a change in my personal life. I have two boys. I wanted to focus on them. I just took some time for myself,” says Sewell. “What do I really want to do now with my life? What am I going to create that’s truly what I’m about and what I believe in? And it was really about energy.”

Enter Vyrao, Sewell’s new fragrance brand, through which she aims to equip people with energetic potions to take on the world through scent.

Here Sewell answers T Australia’s famous rapid fire questionnaire. Read our full interview with Yasmin Sewell here.

To read our interview with Sewell, click here.

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