Zenith’s First-Ever Defy Skyline Model Is a Timeless Reminder to Cherish Every Minute

It’s a nod to the original Zenith Defy wristwatch from 1969.

Article by T Australia

Defy skyline skeleton white ceramic.Defy skyline skeleton white ceramic. Photograph courtesy of Zenith.

In 1969, Zenith unveiled the original Zenith Defy wristwatch, a cornerstone of the brand that has evolved through numerous iterations over the decades. Its latest model, the first-ever Defy Skyline, pays homage to its illustrious predecessor.

This timeless piece is crafted in white ceramic and features a blue skeleton movement and dial, exuding sophisticated elegance. It masterfully merges the past and present with bold architectural lines and a robust design.

Photograph courtesy of Zenith.
Defy skyline skeleton white ceramic.
Photograph courtesy of Zenith.

The white ceramic exterior is perfectly complemented by an intense blue skeleton movement and open dial. Constantly shifting with the light, the open dial reveals different shades of blue and takes the form of Zenith’s famous four-pointed star from 1969. This recurring motif in the Defy range showcases the open El Primero 3620 SK movement beneath, finished in Zenith’s signature blue tone reminiscent of the night sky. Instead of a traditional seconds dial, the Defy Skyline features a unique constant 1/10th of a second running indicator, completing one rotation every 10 seconds and serving as a gentle reminder to make every moment count.

Designed with versatility in mind, the Defy Skyline Skeleton includes an interchangeable ceramic bracelet, with a white patterned rubber strap. A second strap is offered to fully experience the interchangeability of the watch.

The Defy Skyline Skeleton in White Ceramic is available in limited quantities at Zenith boutiques and authorised retailers worldwide.

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