The New Generation of Trackers Designed to Quantify Your Wellbeing

Gadgets that go way beyond simply counting steps and measuring kilograms.

Article by Geoff Quattromani

Nest HubPhotography courtesy Google.

After the hibernation of the past two years, many have emerged with ambitious health goals and renewed determination.Of course, wellbeing depends on much more than the number on the bathroom scales. Fortunately wellness technology has evolved to the point that almost anything can be measured and tracked, providing useful insights and the motivation to make positive changes. T Australia puts five trackers to the test.

Fitbit Sense
Photography courtesy Fitbit.

Get wearable insights

What started as simple step-counting devices have evolved into medical-grade trackers. A new-generation smartwatch will not only encourage you to be more active, it will also help you understand when you should focus on recovery. The Fitbit Sense provides tools to help you manage stress and will send a notification if it records an unusual heart rate, plus it continually monitors oxygen saturation, skin temperature and sleep quality. Used effectively, it will transform how you go about your day. $449.95,

Upright Go
Photography courtesy Upright.

Reverse the slouch

Too much time spent in unergonomic chairs leads to a deterioration of our posture. For those looking to restore their stature, a small gadget called the Upright Go might be the fix. Designed to sit between the shoulders, this Bluetooth device can be either stuck onto the skin or worn on a necklace (sold separately). It will vibrate whenever you slouch and you’ll receive daily reports so you can gauge your improvement over time. From $79.95,

Withings Body Cardio
Photography courtesy Withings.

Upgrade your scales

If your scales still have a dial and a big red needle, it’s time to rethink. Smart scales allow you to focus on important metrics and can inform conversations you might have with your doctor. The Body Cardio from Withings provides a full-body assessment, displaying your heart health, body fat, water content and muscle and bone mass with trend data, plus it synchronises with your smartphone via a custom app. The scales can be used by up to eight people and they will automatically identify each person. $249,

Hidrate Spark
Photography courtesy Apple.

Drink more water

We’re all guilty of letting ourselves get dehydrated, often because we’re too busy to remember to drink. When it’s time to take a sip, the smart bottle HidrateSpark Pro will glow at the base and can even send you a phone notification. Connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, it understands your activities and habits, and it will push you to hit your hydration goals each day. The bottle comes in three sizes and keeps water cold for up to 24 hours, making it handy for hiking and warm weather. $99.95,

Nest Hub
Photography courtesy Google.

Sort out your sleep

Tracking sleep quality normally requires a wearable. The Nest Hub (2nd gen) by Google, however, is a bedside smart display that uses motion and sound to analyse sleep, yielding insights about coughing, snoring and your respiratory rate. When it’s time to rise and shine, the Nest Hub can use gentle screen illumination and a gradually increasing sound to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed. It will follow up with a weather report, trigger your curtains to open and cue your favourite playlist, before sending you a reminder about your first meeting of the day. $149,