Limited-Edition Luggage Fit For Vampires’ Wives and Musicians On Tour

The Vampire’s Wife’s Susie Cave releases a luxury luggage suite with Globe-Trotter, inspired by her singer-songwriter husband Nick Cave.

Article by Victoria Pearson

The Vampire's Wife_Ivory Jewellery Case_£1,995 (7)The Vampire's Wife x Globe-Trotter Ivory Jewellery Case. All imagery courtesy of The Vampire's Wife.

Love is a potent creative tailwind – a muse as old as time for artists, writers, designers, musicians and so on, and on. A new limited-edition collaboration between The Vampire’s Wife, helmed by Susie Cave, and the esteemed British luxury luggage manufacturer Globe-Trotter, is anchored in romance – inspired by personal stories and memories shared between Susie, her family, and her singer-songwriter-author husband Nick Cave.

The Vampire's Wife_Black_Globetrotter (1)
The Vampire's Wife x Globe-Trotter Black Set.
The Vampire's Wife_Ivory Jewellery Case_£1,195(3)
The Vampire's Wife x Globe-Trotter Ivory Jewellery Case.

“I have owned and loved Globe-Trotter luggage for as long as I can remember, to carry a thing of such classic elegance and beauty is such a pleasure,” says Susie, who recalls being gifted a piece from the brand (that had belonged to Leonard Cohen) by the legendary photographer, Dominique Issermann.

“I cherished and used that suitcase endlessly, and it meant so much to me for so many reasons, and then when I met my husband, Nick, I gave it to him. It was the first thing that I ever gave to Nick, and it felt symbolic. Nick in turn used the suitcase for many years until it was recently moved into the care of a museum archive.”

The Vampire's Wife_Black_4_Wheel_Carry_On_Case - £1,995 (3)
The Vampire's Wife x Globe-Trotter Black 4-Wheel Carry-On Case.
The Vampire's Wife_Ivory_Globetrotter (1)
The Vampire's Wife x Globe-Trotter set.

Comprising an array of elegant XL trunks, cabin, carry-on, vanity, and jewellery cases in sophisticated black and ivory colourways, the collaborative capsule is brought to life in two parts: The Black Collection and The Wedding Collection. Featuring black sparkle velvet and blood red interiors, each design is accented with meticulously crafted leather trims, golden brass hardware, and luggage tags adorned with The Vampire’s Wife’s iconic bat motif.

The Black Collection was conceived with Nick in mind: “As a musician, Nick is eternally on tour, and loves to carry handsome luggage,” says Susie.

The Wedding Collection, on the other hand, draws inspiration from a striking vanity case presented as wedding gift from Susie’s father to her mother. “As a young girl I was entranced by this beautiful piece of luggage – it is one of my earliest style memories.”

Launching November 30, each piece seeks to redefine luxury travel through the lens of The Vampire’s Wife’s nostalgic and dreamlike aesthetic. Love is supposedly priceless, but with pieces retailing from $2,339, The Vampire’s Wife x Globe-Trotter collection stands as a significant gesture of affection (or self love) this holiday season.

The Vampire's Wife_Ivory Jewellery Case_£1,195 (1)
The Vampire's Wife x Globe-Trotter Ivory Jewellery Case.
The Vampire's Wife_Black Vanity Case_£1,195 (7)
The Vampire's Wife x Globe-Trotter Black Vanity Case.